Hi, guys! I’m glad you’re here, because today we are doing two of my favourite things in the world: fall crafting, and playing with miniatures!

These cute decorations are much easier to make than you’d think. Today I’m going to show you step-by-step how to make them, using a few cheap materials from the craft and dollar store, and glassware you can source from your own home. These cost how much YOU want them to cost – customize them according to your budget. They’ll turn out beautiful no matter what, I promise!

Let’s start with the glassware. You can use ANYTHING. Get creative! Vases, apothecary jars, wooden lanterns, drinking glasses… hell, I even used a butter dish. All of these pieces are from Homesense, or dollar stores.

Next, you’ll need:

  • floral foam (that spongy block that’s used to put fake flowers in)
  • assorted moss
  • wood chunks
  • mini wooden dowels
  • cotton twine
  • paper gift tags
  • toy animals, mushrooms, butterflies etc.
  • anything else you want!

Like my knife? You can buy the same set here!

Start by cutting up your floral foam and adding it to each vase.

Next, add your moss. Tip – don’t blend the moss too much. Keep each colour in large chunks, and play around with height. Get 3-4 different colours and textures for a ‘wild’ look.

Next, loosely decide who’s going where, grouping your items to make sure they’re evenly distributed. I sourced these minis from Amazon, Michaels, and local dollar stores. The deer are all available on Amazon. You can find the stag here, the doe here, and the fawn here.

Now for the fun part – start adding your toys and decor!

I like building a banner in my main terrarium, to add height and give it a ‘main centrepiece’ vibe. It gives the other vases something to surround and compliment when you arrange them on your shelf. You can make one easily by poking 2 wooden dowels into the hidden floral foam, stringing paper gift tags to a strand of cotton twine or ribbon, and tying it to the dowels. Simple!

Think outside the box and use things from around your house, too – here, I snagged a faux pumpkin off of a garland I had, and the compass was a leftover favour from my wedding. You can use anything in your terrariums!

And voilà! You’re done. It really is that easy!

These crafts are so sentimental to me. Growing up, my sister Danielle and I loved playing with miniatures for hours on end in our dollhouse and garden. Let’s face it, if at 30 I’m now decorating with them, I think it’s safe to say I won’t ever outgrow them!

My favourite part of creating terrariums for the changing seasons is how quickly they come together. There’s no painting, no gluing, no dry times – they can be whipped up in 30 minutes, look beautiful all season long, and each one is uniquely you.

Add some strands of twinkle lights woven around the vases for added coziness.

After fall is over, deconstruct and bag your terrarium items. Box them up together, and pack away in your fall decor. Next year you can easily rebuild them again! And *spoiler alert* this coming winter, you’ll need your empty vases for my Christmas Terrarium craft…

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! I love sharing things you can make for your own home, and I’d love to see yours if you make some.

Drop me a comment and let me know which terrarium you liked best, and subscribe to my blog if you haven’t yet. You can enter your email to the right (desktop), or below (smartphone). That way, you won’t miss a thing when I post!

Until next time!



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