It’s no secret I love making my house as cozy, snuggly, and homey as possible – but did you know there’s an actual word for it?

Hygge (/ˈhjuːɡə/HYOO-gə or /ˈhuːɡə/HOO-gə) is a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. 

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Pronounced ‘hoo-guh’ (not ‘hig’, like you might think), we all know this moody feeling very well.

Picture a crackling fire, the scent of an apple cinnamon candle, snow softly falling while Christmas shopping… I could go on, but I’ll stop myself there! Today I’m going to share my favourite ways to help you encourage the atmosphere for it, in your home and in your every day life!

Read on, to reach cozy nirvana:


Let’s start off with the obvious: mood lighting! Instead of using your overhead lighting, experiment with other light sources. Twinkle lights, candles, table lamps, etc. Here’s a couple of great string lights you can order online: I love these, and these.

String them along frames on your walls, tack them to your ceiling, hold them in your hands and stare lovingly at them… they will evoke feelings of happiness whatever you do with them LOL!

Head to your nearest home store (the one above is from Bath & Body Works), and spend your time choosing the perfect candles. Look at packaging, sniff them, and choose colours that compliment your home. If you have small children or pets, make sure you keep them out of reach and off of tables that might get bumped. When in doubt, use LED candles that flicker, like these.

Pro tip: once your candles are finished, clean the jar out and use replacement votives in them! Try this easy trick: place the jars in an empty sink, boil water in a pot or electric kettle, and (carefully!) fill the jars. The wax should float to the top! Remove it after the water cools, and wash the jar. Voila!


Hit up your nearest second hand bookstore, local library, or box bookstore and pick out a few that really intrigue you. For bonus hygge vibes, clear a shelf or table top and artfully arrange your books so they look pretty between reading them!

Some great places in Kelowna for books:

Okanagan Regional Library

Chapters Indigo

Mosaic Books

Ted’s Paperback & Comics

Pulp Fiction Coffee House

Value Village

Pick up or make a bookmark to prevent dog-earring your books.

Create a quiet, comfortable place to read. Your bed, sofa, or armchair will do the trick. Or you can pick up some big, fluffy floor pillows and make a reading nook on the floor anywhere you have some space! If you’re antsy about time and can’t focus, try setting an alarm on your phone to put your mind at ease (ex. ‘I know I won’t be late picking up the kids because my phone will go off when it’s time to go) and really lose yourself.


The quickest way to warm up, and rejuvenate your mind and body has to be by spending time in water. My fellow mermaids, rejoice!


I love my stainless steel wine tumbler from Blush Peony, a
company based in Vancouver, B.C. They always have the trendiest products of the season! You can buy this tumbler here, or a similar one here.

Draw your bath and add all your bombs, oils and bubbles as the water fills the tub. Make sure the temperature is comfortable, get your music or movie on, and enjoy. Just don’t fall asleep!

Don’t have a tub or not a bath person? I’ve got you covered! A luxurious shower can be just as relaxing. I lived without a tub for 3 years in my Vancouver apartment, and I learned a few tricks to create a zen experience.


  • eucalyptus stems (you can find these at any local flower shop)
  • speaker for music
  • a shower bomb
  • a face mask
  • your favourite body lotion
  • a shower beverage
  • a fluffy towel, warm from the dryer

Tie the eucalyptus stems to your shower head. The steam will fill your shower with the soothing scent of the natural oils, and leave you feeling restored and refreshed.

Fluff up your towel in the dryer before you hop in the shower – it’s a thoughtful ‘extra’ that makes your shower feel even more luxurious!

After your bath or shower, lotion up, put on some fresh pajamas, and apply a sheet mask. There is nothing more relaxing than going to bed squeaky clean and moisturized!


Get out the hot glue gun and make something! Pinterest is chock full of wonderful, and homey crafts. Try searching ‘fall crafts‘ and see what speaks to you.

Pictured here I made a fall themed wreath using an embroidery hoop and flowers, to hang over my bed. If you’re interested in making something like this, check out my easy tutorial here!

It can apply to any season, so long as you use seasonal colours when choosing your florals.

If you really want to sink your teeth into a craft, you could also try making something more like this! I call them terrariums, and you can find my simple tutorial on how to make them, here.

For me, crafting is relaxing and fun. Plus, when you’re choosing the materials and colour scheme yourself, it allows you to add a little more ‘you’ to your home!

But, if crafting isn’t your style, you can also treat yourself to a pretty new home decor piece. Choose something you really love, and want to see every day, and you’ll still snag the same happy benefits of making something.

Ultimately, the goal here is to make your home a place you feel extra comfortable in.


Let’s be honest here. In the colder months, the first thing we do when we get home is to ‘pj up’! Well, if I’m being honest, that’s the first thing I do no matter what time of year it is.

Why not treat yourself to a new outfit that’s specifically for being comfy at home? My favourite place on earth to find the perfect mix ‘n match pieces? Aerie, of course! Known for being realistic in their sizing, and using the SOFTEST, buttery fabrics, you cannot go wrong with Aerie. This season I snagged this ivory hoodie, and this grey turtleneck. They often have sales at the beginning of the season, so no need to wait for prices to drop!

Find my moscow mule mug here, or a budget version, here. Find my pink sweatpants, here, and my slipper socks here.

Complete your couch potato attire with some cozy slippers and sweats.

Find my chunky knit blanket here, and plaid pillow case here.

If you have the funds, you could also give your couch a little makeover as well, to give your Instagram feed a little boost this winter! Nothing says cozy comfort like soft, neutral linens.


Or buy one! You can buy a slow cooker these days for around $25 (I’m serious – here’s one I found on Amazon). Coming home after a long day at work to be greeted by the scent of dinner already cooked? SO ideal! Plus, fall and winter are the perfect time to make soups, stews, and casseroles to warm the chill from your bones. That cozy, comfort food feeling is just 6-8 hours away.

Love stew? Try my ridiculously easy recipe, here. Not a stew fan? That’s okay too, because that’s another place Pinterest shines. Spend some quality time in bed pinning some healthy recipes to get you through to spring! Bonus: I find that noodling around on Pinterest while hunkered down in a nest of blankets also invokes that warm, fuzzy hygge feeling we’re seeking!

This recipe is SERIOUSLY good!


A trail up Beaver Lake rd, in Lake Country, B.C.!

Grab your favourite adventure seeker, and head for the mountains! You could go somewhere a few hours away and stay overnight, but if that’s not an option, going somewhere just outside of town for the day will do the trick.

You know what mine and Tristan’s top tip is for finding great places to explore? Google Maps!

Me, moseying through the woods in Revelstoke, B.C.!

It really is that simple. Look up an area you want to check out in Maps. Using satellite view, zoom in on hiking trails, footpaths, lakes, and provincial parks and forests.

The dock at Swalwell Lake, from Beaver Lake Mountain Resort, located in Lake Country, B.C.

You never know what you might find.

I took the above two photos of Swalwell Lake at Beaver Lake Mountain Resort. Tristan and I took a day trip up Beaver Lake rd. on a whim, and we were not disappointed. Seeing things you’ve never seen before is a rush!

Tristan and I at Crazy Creek in Revelstoke B.C., checking out the waterfalls and suspension bridge!

Where you go doesn’t matter as much as who you go with. Spending time with loved ones is the most ‘hygge’ feeling there is. Plus, exploring new places together creates a tighter bond with your partner or bestie.

The waterfall at Crazy Creek.
The suspension bridge at Crazy Creek.

And there you have it! My 7 fave ways to bring a little hygge into your life. I hope you try a few things on my list, and if you do, let me know! I love hearing what you think.

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PSSST! Before you go!


You know what’s NOT hygge?

Not taking time for yourself during the holiday season. A lot of demands are headed our way, from holiday parties, movie nights, Christmas baking afternoons, and sooooo much more. Sometimes it feels like every single day off is spent catering to others wants and needs. Not to mention, if you work retail like myself, your hours and workload increase at your job!

It can leave you stressed, sapped of energy, and frankly – depressed.

That’s why my 8th tip today is: say NO.

Say no to ALL of the things you do NOT want to do this season. Say NO to spending money on dinners and drinks out that you can’t afford. Say NO to manipulative coworkers passing their work onto your already full plate. Say NO to that toxic relative that insists you have to help them with their Christmas shopping and wrapping.

Say NO to it all! ‘Tis the season to be selfish – it may be hard to believe, but all of those people will survive without your help.

Take care of YOU, boo.

If you find yourself thinking, ‘Wow, maybe I’m the one that makes the people I love feel this way‘, it’s never too late to turn over a new leaf. Cut your friends and fam some slack, and try to enjoy the times when they ARE in the mood to mingle with you. Once you take the pressure off of yourself, and those around you, you may find that this is your best holiday season yet!



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