Hello! Welcome to my ornament tutorial!

Since you clicked on this link, I’m guessing you’re looking for a fun and easy Christmas craft to whip up in a hurry? This may be the tutorial for you! With just a few dollar store supplies, you can easily make a dozen of these beautiful, personalized tree ornaments in less than an hour. Each ornament costs roughly $2-3 to make, depending on your local dollar store’s prices. Yes, they’re really that cheap!

Why don’t we jump right in?


  • empty, fillable glass ball ornaments
  • white feathers
  • fine sugar glitter (biodegradable preferred)
  • assorted ribbon (in a variety of widths and colours)
  • alphabet stickers in any style you like (capital letters preferred)
  • scissors


First things first. Grab your bulb and your alphabet letters.

IMPORTANT NOTE: make sure you have enough letters for everyone names. Grab an extra sheet or two just in case.

The proper way to monogram? It goes first initial, last initial, middle initial. I’m making an ornament for my husband, Tristan, in this tutorial. His full name is Tristan Roderick Krause, so his monogram is TKR. Jamie Michelle Krause would be JKM. You get the idea!

Once you’ve applied your monogram, remove the topper from the ornament.

Fill it about halfway with feathers.

Next pour in some glitter. Eyeball it depending on how glittery you want your ornament.

Replace the cap, and give it a shake to coat the feathers.

Next up is your ribbon. Choose 2 different ribbons for each ornament: a decorative bow ribbon, and a ribbon to hang it on the tree.

Cut off the string that came with the bulb – a real ribbon will look much nicer.

A big, swoopy bow with long hanging ribbon looks best. Go for ‘over-the-top’!

Tie off a second, thinner ribbon like this to use as your hanging ribbon.

Loop it through the topper like so.

Don’t forget to trim the ribbon ends so they’re nice and clean.

And presto! You now have a beautiful, professional quality, personalized tree ornament without the high cost of ordering one online!

Did I mention they make great gifts?

I made this batch last year for Tristan’s staff dinner! I used the initials of each couple, with a gemstone heart sticker joining them. All of the women raved about them, and even the men seemed to not mind them either LOL! A couple of his coworkers texted Tristan later showing him the ornaments on their trees, and one woman even mentioned to him this year that she loved putting it on her tree again.

The best part? With the gift box, each ornament was still under $5 each! That’s the price of, or even less than a box of Pot Of Gold – but so much more thoughtful.

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial and make some ornaments yourself. I’d love to see what you make! Feel free to share a photo with me after you’re done, I love seeing your versions of my crafts.

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