If you’re a millennial like me, you probably don’t have a huge budget to redecorate your whole house every time the mood strikes. But the good news is, you don’t have to buy new things to get that ‘fresh space‘ feel. Sometimes all your home needs is a hit on the reset button!

Let’s see if you make it to the end of the list before you’re starting a home refresh of your own!


1. First things first: if you’re reading this in January, start by packing up your Christmas decor and donate things you didn’t use this year.

2. Clean out all your junk drawers. That includes your kitchen drawers, dresser drawers, and desk drawers. It may take an entire day, but it’ll be worth it I promise!

3. Organize your mail and shred (or rip up) any sensitive papers before sending them to the recycling bin. Start a habit of dealing with your mail as it comes into your home, or create a mail area to keep things organized until you can get to it.

4. Deep clean your bedroom. Remove dusty knickknacks, clear clutter from tabletops, and get rid of the ‘clothes chair’ (you know the one). Check out my minimalist bedroom tour for some decor inspo.

5. Create a yoga or work out area wherever you have some free space. I live in a limited space apartment, so I keep my workout gear in a bottom cabinet in my living room, and I keep my area rug clear at all times so I can use it to work out on.

Cork yoga mat from local Kelowna company Lush Valley Lifestyle, yoga pillow from Marshalls, and foam roller from lululemon.

6. Deep clean your bathroom and replace old, stained or ripped towels. But don’t throw them away – donate them to your local animal shelter! They take sheets and blankets as well (be kind and wash them first).

7. Clean your oven and stovetop burners. If you’re not sure how to do your burners, here’s an excellent non-toxic tutorial from Savor+Savvy to help guide you through. As for the oven – line the crack in the door with paper towels, spray it down with a non-toxic oven cleaner and let it soak overnight. In the morning wipe it out with a rag and voila! Sparkly clean oven.

Living in the beautiful Okanagan (B.C.’s wine country!), I like to use corks in my home decor!

8. Spend an afternoon repainting problem areas that get worn down faster than walls: think inside shelves, windowsills etc.

9. Dust all all of your decorative knickknacks around the house, and wipe down all accent mirrors. While you’re at it, decongest your shelves and wall art and donate or gift any pieces that don’t go with your decor anymore.

10. Rearrange your furniture and do an extra thorough vacuum underneath, and in corners.

I had my desk and armchair ‘trade places’ this year! Moving your furniture around is the cheapest way to make your place feel new.

11. Gather and sell things of value that you no longer have use for. Old cell phones or tablets, workout or recreational equipment, purses, jewelry, and kitchen appliances are good places to start.

12. Start greener household habits. Check out my post on some eco-friendly swaps for the home.

Natural beeswax candle from local Kelowna company Lush Valley Lifestyle (candle not in stock yet, coming soon)

13. Wipe down all of your kitchen appliances and get them gleaming again. Think: coffee pot, toaster, fridge, oven, dishwasher, blender – you get the idea.

14. Take down and wash all your curtains and drapes. While the washing machine is going, grab the glass cleaner and wipe down windows and sills.

Don’t forget the shower curtain!

15. Clean out your fridge, freezer, and deep freezer if you have one.

16. Clean your computer. And I don’t just mean dust and wipe away smudges and crumbs (though you should absolutely do that!). I mean organize and folder photos and documents, and delete blurry pics and music you don’t actually like. You’ll be amazed at how decluttering your online life clears your mind!

17. Clean out your closet and donate. Let go of all the too-small clothing that only serves to make you feel bad. Invest in new clothing that you love, that fits the body you have now.

18. Clean out your pantry and toss or donate food that is still before the best-by date. Use organizer bins to keep like items together (soup mixes, pasta, spices), and set up a meal plan for the week using food you already have.

19. Get a houseplant (real or fake), and put it somewhere you’ll see it right away – your desk, nightstand, kitchen island or coffee table.

20. Detox your couch and armchairs. Start by clearing them completely, treating any sofa stains (or wash your slipcovers if you have them), and then choose carefully what you put back. No one is comfortable on a sofa with 16 throw pillows on it. Less is more when it comes to your couch.

I hope you enjoyed the list and are inspired to refresh your home! What was your favourite tip? As always, don’t forget to subscribe to my blog so you stay in the loop.

Happy New Year friends!



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