Hi there!

You might recognize this wreath – that’s because it’s the one I made for the group giveaway I was a part of on Instagram!

Obviously only 1 lucky gal got to take it home, but if you were disappointed you didn’t win, I’ve got yo’ back – today I’m going to teach you how to make your own.

All you’ll need is 30 minutes, and some supplies from the dollar store, Amazon, and Walmart. Let’s get started, shall we?


  • a grapevine wreath
  • craft wire
  • a hot glue gun
  • scissors and/or side cutters (I prefer side cutters)

*Grapevine wreaths: you can find them on Amazon, but in my opinion, they’re overpriced. Walmart carries them in-store for $6.97! Save yourself an hour of scrolling and just head to your nearest Walmart.

*Peonies: if your budget doesn’t permit all three sizes of peonies, don’t sweat it! Just order your favourite and it will work out just fine.

Got all your supplies ready? Great! Let’s start assembling. First things first: give your garlands a good fluff. You heard that right – unwind them, muss up the leaves, and shake ’em.

Next, lay them down on your wreath, and adjust until your wreath form is fully covered, with the branches not showing in any spots. That’s why I use two garlands – extra fluffiness!

After you’ve accomplished that, grab you craft wire and start securing the branches down. The more individual wires the better – you want them nice and snug so your wreath doesn’t fall apart after you hang it up.

Perfect! Wait.. this looks really good! You could almost leave it straight eucalyptus if you wanted LOL!

Next up – time to add your flowers! Start by clipping them all off of the bush. Be sure to leave some stem on the larger flowers – you’ll be wiring those down.

Take your largest peonies and place them at the 8 o’clock and 2 o’clock position.

Wire them down, and add a drop of hot glue to keep them from twisting and flopping around. Hold until the glue dries, and be CAREFUL. I gave myself a second degree burn on my finger when I first started making wreaths – I still have the scar! Never, EVER put your hand below the gun. Hands up, gun down! Easy to remember.

Now add in your medium peonies. I like snuggling them in next to the large ones for more impact.

After those are finished, dott in the rest of the smaller flowers. Don’t worry about making it too perfect. It’s meant to look like a wild garden!

You’re almost done! Add a small looped ribbon to the grapevine wreath for hanging.

And voila! Your brand new romantic wreath is finished!

What did you think of this tutorial? I hope you have fun making your own wreath – I’d love to see it if you do! Feel free to mix up the colour scheme to match your decor as well. I’m planning to make another one in cream and white…!

Thanks friends! Until next time,



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