Welcome to today’s blog post! We are doing something new-to-the-blog today: floral arranging!

For my first floral tutorial, I thought we’d go classic with my favourite flower – hydrangeas! Plus, white hydrangeas + loads of greenery is kind of my signature style in my home. You might recognize the look from my Instagram page, or past home tours!

The best part about this tutorial? It’s perfect for beginners! So if you don’t have much experience in working with fake flowers, this blog post is for you. Let’s jump right in:


  • 6-8 XL silk hydrangea stems
  • 1-2 eucalyptus bushes
  • 2-3 apricot, or other fruit stems (lemons are also a lovely choice)
  • a tall vase of your choice
  • side cutters
  • scotch tape
  • glue gun

Great places to shop for fake flowers? Michaels, Homesense, Afloral, Amazon, Walmart, and local dollar stores. Worth noting – all the florals in this tutorial are from Michaels.

I prefer white hydrangeas, but pink or green would also look nice with the apricots. Blue hydrangeas with lemons would be stunning as well!

* side note: remove some of the leaves from your hydrangeas (4-5), and reserve for use later in the tutorial!

A hurricane pedestal style is my favourite type of vase, I have 3 like this! This particular one is from Homesense.

First things first – let’s prep our vase! I love using the ‘tape trick’. This will help keep all the flowers standing tall, and close together. The main problem most people run into when floral arranging is all of the flowers spreading out too far apart, and falling against the edge of the vase. The tape trick is a great way to prevent this.

Run two strips of tape each way across the mouth of the vase, ending the tape just over the lip. It should look like the photo above once you’re done!

Next, you’ll be trimming your flowers.

Tip – trim the outer flowers shorter, and the centre flowers taller, to give your arrangement a ’rounded’ look. Trim one at a time, instead of all at once, so you can tailor as you go.

Excellent! Next up: let’s add our greens!

Trim your eucalyptus branches off of the bush so you have several smaller pieces.

Using your glue gun, tuck them in around the hydrangeas, gluing the stems together.

Almost done!

Next, add your apricot stems like so. Leave them nice and tall!

Remember the leaves we reserved earlier? They are our finishing touches! Glue them in around the hydrangea heads to bring all of the different elements together.

And there you have it! A quick and easy tutorial with big impact!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, I really enjoyed putting it together. Please subscribe to my blog if you haven’t yet, that’s the best way you can help me to grow as a blogger, and keep bringing you fun posts!

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