Hey friends!

Spring is looking a little different than usual this year, hey? With global pandemic COVID-19, the Coronavirus, taking the world by storm, a lot of us are choosing to self-quarantine for the safety of ourselves and others. Doing your part to help stop this virus is so important. Staying in and not frequenting public places is a great way to do this. That means avoiding shopping centres, movie theatres, play places, and more.

But, I mean… it can get a little boring, am I right?

If you’ve exhausted your ideas for how to keep you and your family busy this month, here’s a list I’ve compiled of things I will be doing until things are a little safer out there. I hope you find a few new ideas!


1. Rearrange your furniture. Making your space feel new again may help you feel a little less cooped up!

2. Have a colouring session. Print out blank colouring pages from Google if you don’t have any books. Get creative with intricate patterns and shading.

3. Relax with a movie marathon. Harry Potter, Twilight, Lord of the Rings, and Shrek are just a few that are all on Netflix!

4. Get in touch with your inner photographer and take some photos! If you’re a blogger, now’s a great time to make some flatlays and get some Instagram fodder. If you’re not, why not try to get some candids of the fam? If you score any good ones, print them in black and white for a wall collage!

5. Try a Pantry Challenge. See what you can make out of things you’ve had kicking around forever – it’s surprisingly fun! I tried this on Instagram, find my journey on my profile page under ‘Highlights’.

6. Clean out your bedroom closets. Pack up your winter clothes and bring out your spring attire!

7. If you really do need to make a shopping trip, check out this ‘Recipe Roundup‘ from my fellow Okanagan blogger friend Dinel. She’s sharing a bunch of inspired, flavourful meals on her blog to make dinnertime fun!

8. Catch up on your laundry. Throw in bedding and curtains while you’re at it!

9. Rearrange your shelf and tabletop decor. Try swapping items to other rooms to refresh your whole house.

10. Try a new craft project. Check out this section of my blog for ideas!

11. Sit down and read a book (or 5!) you’ve been telling yourself you’d read for years.

12. Have a spa afternoon! I’m talking a mani/pedi, a face mask, a bubble bath, and maybe a few bubbles in your glass…

13. Put together a make-shift yoga space. We all may be feeling a little stressed and anxious, so there’s really no better time to try to clear your mind and take a time-out.

Lush Valley Lifestyle cork yoga mat, lululemon foam roller, Marshall’s yoga pouf.

14. Plan out a ‘spending-ban’ challenge! Ban yourself from online shopping out of boredom etc. Instead, write down new ways to use what you have. #5 and #8 on this list are great ways to start as you can make new outfits when you clean out your closet, and rearranging your decor will give you that rush of ‘new stuff’!

15. Can’t forget a classic game night! Pull out all your board games and see who comes out victorious. For the craftier folk, you can also try making your own board games!

A great game to try – Catan!

16. Deep clean your house. Check out my blog post on 20 easy ways to hit the reset button on your house and make it feel brand spankin’ new again.

17. On that same note, declutter your place and gather things for donation. Don’t drop-off until it’s safe to do so though! For now just focus on gathering.

18. Clean up your digital life. Get into your computer and start deleting and organizing! Photos, files, you name it – get it under control and you’ll be amazed at how clear your mind feels.

19. Have ‘snack lunch’. Pull out leftovers, crackers, cheese, veggies, fruit, you name it, and set it out on the table. This is a great way to use up time-sensitive food before you dig into your pantry items, plus it’s fun having an un-conventional meal! Don’t forget to put on some music to make mealtime an event.

20. Go for a walk or hike. Keep a safe distance from other people, and go straight there and back from home. Social-distancing is key during a pandemic!

Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park

21. Call your friends/family for a real phone chat. Remember, it can be lonely in quarantine. Check in on your loved ones.

Much love to all of those affected by COVID-19. Stay safe out there, and please, please take all necessary precautions to protect those most vulnerable to viruses. Check out this page from Health Canada for more info.

Until next time friends,



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