Hello there! Welcome to my spring home tour!

I don’t know about you, but I think we’re all beginning to feel a little (or a lot!) cooped up at home while we are in quarantine. I figured there was no better time to take you on mini-vacay from your home to come visit mine!

Plus, this is the first home tour I’ve ever done that takes you on a full tour of the ENTIRE apartment, starting right at the front door!

If that sounds good to you, and you could use a little escape, please scroll on, for a virtual tour of my little home. I’m happy to have you here!


Welcome to the Krause house, my friend – kick off your shoes, hang up your hat, and make yourself at home.

First stop is the entryway. Here we have our shoe bench, an oversized mirror, and some soft pillows to welcome us home.

Everyone needs a mirror for teeth checkin’ before they walk out the door!


To the left of the bench is the main bathroom, with a wall-to-wall mirror, lots of storage, and a minimalist vibe.

I am a big fan of keeping counters clear, for not only aesthetic purposes, but cleanliness as well. Much easier to clean a bathroom counter with no products on it.

We added even more storage with this over-the-toilet cabinet shelf, you can find it from Jysk here. We use it to store extra hand and bath towels.

Next stop, the bedrooms!

On the left is our master bedroom – let’s head on in.


I used curtains and plug-in wall sconces to bring a hotel quality to this space, and a little drama to this wall. The curtains also create the illusion of a headboard.

Crisp white linens, minimal decor, and a romantic wreath over the bed makes this a warm and inviting room.

Find the sconces here, and similar curtains at HomeSense and Jysk.

I made this wreath, and so can you! Check out my tutorial here.

The perfect place to rest your head.

A white planter pot of tea roses is a pretty pop of colour in a white bedroom.

These tassels are from Michaels, and they were on sale in a Christmas ornament bin back in January! Holiday ornament sections are a great place to look for those special finishing touches. I always check them to see if there is anything I can store away the spring, summer and fall seasons. Think tassels, crystals, wooden hearts and stars, and even ocean themed ornaments.

Opposite the bed is my dressing area.

Cake stands bring height to unexpected areas!

Wall hooks waiting for the perfect spot LOL! For now they can rest on the cake stand.

Fresh flowers, a white salt lamp, and an essential oil diffuser bring a spa-like feel to the bedroom.

I used a few minimalist blue and white art pieces in the bedroom, keeping the walls bright a fresh. Find this soothing sailboat painting here.

In an apartment, storage is often hard to come by – luckily Jysk has a great selection of storage pieces affordable for any budget. I brought in several pieces of this white, coastal-look collection. Find the tall storage shelf here, and the nightstand here.

A crystal tea light holder, apothecary jar, and some novelty items all in muted complementary tone add character without being too distracting.

A photo from our wedding day, and a jar candle add to the intimate vibe of this room.

We use the bottom half of the shelf to store towels for the ensuite bathroom, saving us valuable space under the sink for toiletries.


To the left and through our closets is our ensuite bathroom! Another wall-to-wall mirror, and lots of fresh white pieces to keep this windowless room light and airy.

Apothecary jars are used for cotton balls and bath salts, and a conch tea light holder is a hint at summer decor soon to come.

Another Jysk unit sits across from the toilet, to store toiletries and some minimal decor. Find it here.

Useful and pretty!

A pop of gold from this Michael’s plaque brings an unexpected touch of glamour.

Let’s head on to the common rooms, shall we?


As we head to the kitchen, we pass by the second bedroom. This used to be Tristan’s den/storage room, but once Danielle finishes school in 2021, she will be moving back in with us (she lived here last summer), and this will be her room again. We are actually using it as a mini home gym during quarantine, so it’s not this empty anymore!

Down the hall and to the common rooms we go! We keep a dry-erase calendar board here to utilize some otherwise unused wall space.

To our left is the living room, and to our right are the kitchen and laundry rooms.


A galley kitchen with lots of storage, and also Tristan’s office area!

I try to keep our kitchen functional, as there’s not a lot of counter space to spare. On the right bank of counters we keep multiple fruit and veggie bowls as we eat a lot of fresh produce in this house.

And to our left we keep appliances, utensils and other cooking gadgets.

Our kitchen is mostly a highly functional space, but I do have a few fun decor pieces in here…!

To save drawer space, I keep all of our utensils displayed on the counters in these eclectic holders. 1 and 3 are from Dollarama, and 2 is from Indigo.

And bonus – makes cooking a breeze with all my tools at hand!

Another great space saver in an apartment – hanging tools up in areas that would otherwise not be used!

These gold measuring sets are from Michaels. Find the cups here, and the spoons here. I made the wall hook display out of wood craft plaques, stick on hooks, and white spray paint.

Some faux white tulips in a metal can, filled with river rocks brings a little bit of nature to the sink area.

More kitchen gadgets reside here, as well as my every day cleaning cloths.

Tristan’s office area.

This blue and beige world map, and houseplants in black and white containers work perfectly to marry the kitchen and office decor together, and help give the room flow. Ever since we hung it up, Tristan and I are realizing more and more that we knew WAY less about geography than we thought we did LOL! So this is also a useful learning centre!

Just off the kitchen is the laundry/ storage room.


I love this room. When we first moved into the apartment, we didn’t have a washer and dryer. There were many years hauling our laundry down the hall to the (horrible!) shared laundry room, until Tristan received his first bonus at work and used it to buy me these. And yes I really do mean me, as he knew how much I disliked the shared laundry, and how much I would love my own laundry room. Besides my engagement ring, these are the best gifts I have ever received!

This room is also big enough to house a stand up deep freezer, and bins of seasonal decor. Yep, that’s a lot of extra decor!


Our dining set is from Jysk, and you can find it here.

A printed floral table runner with tassels adds a pop of spring! Hello sunshine, I’m ready!

One can never have too much white crockery. Pitchers, platters, bowls – always a great investment! This pitcher is from HomeSense, as are the white vase and platter behind it!

While this is a more elaborate floral arrangement, I have a simple tutorial to teach you the basics of putting something like this together. Find my floral arranging tutorial here!

The china cabinet is one of my favourite pieces! I love decorating it for every season.

All about those little spring details.

Faux fruit – yay or nay? That’s a yay from me!

The full dining area.

Can you tell I love big, fluffy flower arrangements?

I found this canvas at HomeSense, and it has quickly become one of my favourite art pieces. The colour palette is so peaceful, and blends seamlessly with the florals flanking it.

Much of my decorating is inspired by my beautiful home, here in British Columbia. These faux apricots remind me of where I grew up in Lake Country, surrounded by fruit orchards and vineyards.

And now onto the:


This is a familiar view!

My favourite spot in the house. Our sectional is from L Furniture here in Kelowna, and I truly adore this furniture store. 70% of the furniture is made in Canada, and of that, 90% is made here in B.C.!

All of my cushions are from Ikea, and you can find the white covers here, the pink covers here, and the inserts here.

This soft, full-sized knit blanket is one of my favourites. You can find it here.

I’ve decorated this room to be extra cozy and inviting. The perfect place to curl up with a book, a movie, or my laptop.

Our fireplace is from Home Depot, and you can find it here, although as I write this it is currently out of stock. Here is a similar one, or you can also find it in espresso.

Gold and blue accents bring a splash of colour to the white shelf and wall.

A cozy reading spot next to the fireplace.

A photo album, a couple of books, and a beaded garland add interest to this woven tray.

As well as some faux lavender!


And our last spot on the tour. My office area, where the magic happens, and where I am writing this right now.

Thank you so much for joining me today. I hope you had fun on the tour! This is my little sanctuary on Earth, and I hope the photos showed how much care I’ve put into decorating it over the years.

Happy April friends, I hope this month brings positive changes, lots of love, and beautiful weather to all of us.



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