Having moved many friends over the years, this is an area I have a lot of expertise in – so I figured I should share some of this knowledge with you!

Read on, for my top moving tips:

1. Make a ‘welcome’ basket – for yourself! Fill it with all the things you’ll need DURING the move. Toilet paper, hand and dish soap, dish towels and scrubbers, scissors, and your shower curtain and rings.

2. Pack an overnight bag with pjs and all your toiletries. You won’t get unpacked in a day, and do you really want to be hunting through boxes for your toothbrush at 9pm?

3. Same goes for bedding! Make sure all of your bedding is readily accessible, and set your bed up first when you move in.

4. Label your boxes not only by what’s in them, but by room. That will ensure your helpers or movers know where to put the boxes and won’t be asking you every 30 seconds ‘where do you want this?’.

5. Unpack the kitchen and bathroom first. You might be anxious to ‘pretty’ things up with wall decor and tabletop pieces, but you’ll need dishes, cutlery, and bath towels unpacked more than you need that intricate photo collage up on the wall.

6. Pack a cooler of sandwiches, drinks, and snacks for lunch during the move. You’ll probably be ordering pizza for dinner, but you can save money and time by making sure lunch is taken care of. This is especially helpful if you’re moving with kids. Kiddos often need snack breaks more than we do!

7. Keep your tool kit out of the moving van, and with you instead – you never know what you may need during the move. Screwdrivers, a hammer and nails, and an Alan key are a few things you may find yourself needing while you unpack your new digs.

8. Instead of taking all of your clothes off of the hangers and moving them separately, bundle your hangers together with elastics with your clothes still ON them. Pack them folded into boxes instead of garbage bags, and see how fast you can unpack your closet using this trick!

9. Use spare blankets, bath and tea towels, and dish cloths to pack decorative glassware and dinnerware, instead of buying packing peanuts and bubble wrap. But also make peace that something is bound to be broken in transit. That’s part of life, don’t let it throw you off too hard. We are all human.

10. Take ‘before’ pics before you unpack! We always wish we had these AFTER we’ve unpacked, this is an extra reminder to try to snap those pics. It’s nice to see how far you’ve come, years down the road!

Happy moving, friend! I hope you love your new home, and that these tips help you move seamlessly into your next chapter.



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