HOMES FOR THE HOLIDAYS 2021 (everything you need to know about my segment!)

Hey, there!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you may have seen that I was recently given the opportunity to work on something very special this holiday season. Or maybe that very thing is what brought you to the blog in the first place! Either way, I’m so glad you’re here. Let’s dish!

Every year, the Central Okanagan Hospice Association puts on a ‘Christmas tour’, called Homes for the Holidays. Some of the (many) benefits of the tour is to raise funds for the hospice association, bring our community some holiday inspiration, and even support local small business owners. The tour was previously an in-person guided tour around Kelowna, B.C., to see several participating homeowners holiday homes up-close and personal. However, in times of COVID, they learned to adapt in an incredible way – this will be the second year where the show has been moved online, to a streaming platform! Not only does this mean more (like… thousands more!) can view the show, it also means that there was opportunity to make the show… bigger.

Along with the five Homeowners, there are seven ‘Local Experts’ that will be sharing fun ways to add more holiday cheer to your life this winter. From table setting and wine cocktails, to self-care tips and mantel decorating, there is a taste of everything in this year’s show. And that’s where I come in! I will be one of the Local Experts, and my segment is ‘Mantel Decorating 3 Ways’. In my segment I will share a little about what Christmas means to me, as well as giving you 3 design ideas for your fireplace mantel.

The best part? I actually… don’t have a fireplace in my rental apartment! I know, I know – how could I do this feature without a fireplace in my home? Well, I may not have a real, regal, wood-burning fireplace… but I do have a little faux fireplace TV stand! I was extremely nervous that Homes for the Holidays wouldn’t like this idea, but after I sent them some photos and told them my ideas… they LOVED it! So I ditched the TV and dressed the stand up for the holidays, and the rest as they say, is history.

Another perk of using a free-standing faux fireplace unit? Hopefully my segment will help you visualize how you could not only create these looks with a fireplace, but you could try them on your sideboard, buffet, console table, or even the top of your dresser. One of the most important things I’ve always strived for here at Jamie Krause Home and Living is accessibility. Whether you live in a modern day palace, or a humble studio apartment, I want you to be able to look at my tutorials and think to yourself… ‘I could do that!’.

After many hours of planning, shopping, creating, and filming, I truly think you are going to love the looks I’ve put together. And that brings me to the ‘creating’ part! 3 of my friends collaborated with me on this project to bring you not only some seriously gorgeous inspiration, but also…. 2 exclusive, shoppable products that we made in partnership with Homes for the Holidays!


AMANDA, Protea and Co

Amanda creates timeless scrunchies, hair accessories, and home goods such as napkins, table runners, aprons, and even a floral carrying bag! She is truly a multi-talented business owner, and her product line is only growing larger. She lives in West Kelowna, B.C. with her husband and two (soon to be three!) children, and is the most wonderful friend. She created an exclusive HFTH shoppable product you will be able to purchase on November 27th!

JESSICA, Sweet Magnolia Designs

Jessica creates classic and whimsical wooden signs in an array of styles, colours, and sizes to fit any home decor theme! She designs both seasonal and every day pieces, and I’m certain you have never seen such pretty designs. She lives in Mackenzie, B.C., with her husband and two children, and she is the kindest person you could hope to meet. She created an exclusive HFTH shoppable product you will be able to purchase on November 27th!

CASSANDRA, White Haven Home

Cassandra is not only a wedding planner, but also runs an online home decor shop featuring classic white and turquoise coastal goodies, as well as the trendy pink and gold decor you’ll see in many bloggers homes! She lives in Kelowna, B.C. with her boyfriend and pup Bella, and is a true joy to know. She contributed several decor pieces that feature in the show and are available for purchase now!

Please give these trail-blazing women a follow. You will love them!

And now, without further ado, I want to introduce you to our custom Homes for the Holidays 2021 feature products…



Available in two gorgeous neutral colours, Winter White and Crème Brûlée, with an optional Farmhouse Bell add-on!

These stockings are a perfect blend of Amanda and I – soft whites and creams, dreamy ruffles, and a touch of farmhouse coziness – they are so timeless and classic, they will quickly become a family heirloom you will love to bring out year after year. As I mentioned before, the Farmhouse Bell is an optional add-on, so you can dress them up or down! They are the perfect size for Santa to fill with treats, and look simply stunning hanging from your fireplace mantel, table edge, or even on the wall. 10% of the proceeds from the Protea and Co X Jamie Krause stockings will be donated to the Okanagan Hospice Association.



Available in several frame colours (pictured here in Linen White Wash), and your choice of a Petal Pink, Rose Red, or Black Velvet heart motif!

Display your sign on a shelf or tabletop, or hang it on the wall! The sign comes with a picture hanger on the back, making it easy to place anywhere you like.

This sign was such a labour of love! Jess and I had so much fun deciding on the design, and after trying several styles that just didn’t feel ‘us’, we decided to try out a simple quote from a shared favourite Christmas song. Using the font from my website, a tiny heart motif (a nod to my tech wallpapers; subscribe to the blog to start receiving them!), and her signature sign style, this elegant beauty was born! We are certain you will love it so much you’ll want to keep it on display long after the last sugar plum has danced. Plus as I mentioned before, you get to choose the frame and heart colours! 10% of the proceeds from the Sweet Magnolia Designs X Jamie Krause sign will be donated to the Okanagan Hospice Association.

They are so beautiful, and I could not be prouder of both the products and the opportunity to work with Amanda and Jessica. In addition to the stockings and sign, Cassandra contributed several decor pieces from White Haven Home that featured in the show – the only catch here is that I can’t tell you what they are… you’ll have to watch and find out!

If you haven’t snagged your ticket to Homes for the Holidays 2021 yet, there is still time! Visit here to order tickets now. There are 2 air dates, November 27th at 6:45pm, and December 5th at 2pm. There are also two ticket options available, regular and VIP. If you treat yourself to a VIP ticket, there just may be something handy from us in your goodie bag…!

If you can’t afford a ticket, you still may have a chance to see the show after all….in honour of our 3 displays, the girls and I are giving away 3 tickets! The giveaway begins tomorrow, so make sure to start following all of us and wait for the giveaway post to go live!

Thank you for supporting our Homes for the Holidays segment. I can’t tell you enough how much it means to us, and how much love, hard work, and long nights went into creating something unique and special to share with you all. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you!

xo, Jamie

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