WEDDINGSTAR WHITE SANGRIA (with ‘frosted’ rosemary!)

Hey, friends!

I’m so pleased to share this brand new recipe with you, and even more excitingly, to announce my new partnership with wedding and lifestyle brand, Weddingstar!

To say this partnership is a dream come true would be a serious understatement – if you’ve been following the blog for awhile, you have probably seen me share Weddingstar’s products several times already. I’ve been a huge fan of this fab company for about 5 years now (my nuptials were basically a Weddingstar advertisement in itself LOL). I probably placed 4-5 orders with them as I planned my wedding, as they have so. many. cute things on their website. Every time I opened my phone I found myself typing their name into the search bar and wondering to myself, ‘I wonder what I may have missed on my last shop….’!

Okay, I still do this. And now I’ve even got them bookmarked!

2016: planning my wedding with all things Weddingstar. 2021: partnering my blog with Weddingstar!
Dreams do come true!

Not only do they have every single pink, white and gold decor piece you can think of (I’m looking at you, white birdcages and gold geometric candle holders!), the prices are staggeringly affordable. As we all know there’s nothing I love more than crisp, white decor, AND shopping on a budget, partnering with them has been such a natural fit. I just know you will love them too! So much so that we even have a special discount code for you to use – enjoy 10% off using the code JAMIE10.

Speaking of which, I’m delighted to share my very first Weddingstar post. Today we have whipped up a fresh and easy white wine sangria using delicious Okanagan apples and pears, with a fragrant and festive hint of rosemary. You’ll be sipping on this cocktail all season long!


Honeycrisp, or Granny Smith? Luckily with this recipe you don’t have to choose!
There is nothing like a B.C. apple, am I right?


Dice apples and pears into bite-sized chunks, and add to a clear plastic or glass pitcher (we want to see those beautiful colours!). Add cranberries, as well as your preferred sugar, wine, and juice, and stir well until sugar is dissolved and no longer grainy (this is why I would recommend making a simple syrup if you’ve got the time). Pop a few sprigs of rosemary directly to your pitcher, to infuse the flavour into the cocktail.

Let sit for a minimum of 15 minutes (put preferably a couple of hours) in the fridge before serving.

In the meantime, get your garnish ready. Run 2 rosemary sprigs per glass under icy cold water, and lay out on a plate or serving tray. While still wet, sprinkle and roll your rosemary in your white sugar until they are thoroughly coated. Allow to dry, about 5 minutes. When you are ready to serve your sangria, pour it into your Weddingstar Vintage Style Pressed Glass Wine Goblet, about 3/4 of the way full, making sure to add some chunks of fruit to each glass.

Top each glass with a splash of club soda, and garnish with your ‘frosted’ rosemary sprigs (and a straw if you like).

Serve immediately, and get ready to rock around the Christmas tree!

Serve this up at your holiday party (yay, we can finally have guests over again!), and watch your loved ones go back for seconds (and thirds… and probably fourths!). You may want to grab enough to make several pitchers! Speaking from experience here, sangria is such an easy sipper and because the wine is diluted without loss of flavour, people sure can drink a lot of it!

Shop the products featured in this blog post (don’t forget to use JAMIE10 for 10% off!):

Vintage Style Pressed Glass Wine Goblet pictured in ‘Clear’. Available in 4 colours, and also comes in Champagne Flutes.
Sweetie Candy Scoop, pictured here in ‘Gold’. Also available in Silver.
Personalized Wooden Cutting & Serving Board With White Handle. Boards available in 20+ designs, and available plain as well.

We wish you the merriest Christmas season, and the happiest New Year, friends.

xo, Jamie

Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, as I have several more fun and festive blog posts coming your way this December – and this won’t be the last you’ve seen of Weddingstar…! Give them a follow on Instagram or Facebook today so you won’t miss a minute of everyday beautiful inspiration. Coming soon will be a ‘His and Hers Gift List’ to make your holiday shopping a piece of cake!

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