The number one thing great dads have in common? A love for their family. The second thing many dad’s have in common? A love for the grill!

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My husband is sharing 3 of his best grill recipes for you to celebrate dad this Father’s Day! The only problem might be getting dad to relinquish control of the grill… but together you can rock the BBQ, and wow everyone around your table!


The best sweet ‘n savoury grilled meat marinade, hasselback melt-in-your-mouth garlic herbed potatoes, and perfectly seasoned grilled corn on the cob. Enjoy these recipes all summer long!


Instructions and marinade for the perfect grilled chicken, steak, and tofu every time.

Steak cook time: 9 minutes. 2.5 high, per side. 4 minutes on medium-low for a perfect medium-rare steak.
Chicken cook time: 10 minutes. 5 minutes per side, on high heat, for the juiciest grilled chicken breast.
Tofu cook time: 10-15 minutes. 5-7 minutes per side, on medium heat, for a fantastic grilled tofu.


4 medium (3oz) proteins of your choice (steak, chicken breast, or tofu)
1/2c. Soy sauce
Juice of 2 lemons
Juice of 2 limes
8 Cloves fresh garlic, minced
2tbsp. Peach jam
1tbsp. Onion powder
2tsp. Chili flakes (optional)
S&P to taste 

Minced white onion
Fried mushrooms
Grilled peaches


Place the protein of your choice in a glass casserole dish, using separate dishes for different proteins. Salt & pepper the meat to taste, and generously rub with onion powder and chili flakes. Mince fresh garlic, and add to a mixing bowl. Add lemon and lime juice, soy sauce, and jam to the bowl, and stir well. Pour equal amounts over each protein, and marinade refrigerated a minimum of 20 minutes, up to 4 hours. For best results, marinade no more than 12 hours (excluding tofu, which can be marinaded for up to 24).

Remove meats from marinade, and at to a preheated grill. Cook each protein according to the instructions at the top of this recipe. Remove from grill, and place on a wooden cutting board (try this Weddingstar favourite!). Let stand 10 minutes before cutting. Garnish with a pat of butter, and a sprig of rosemary, parsley, thyme, minced white onion, grilled peaches, or fried onions and mushrooms. 


These melt-in-your-mouth yellow flesh potatoes are loaded with butter, garlic, onions, and herbs, and will have everyone around the table begging for the last slice.

Cook time: Oven baked; 350° for 1hr. On the grill; medium-high heat for 45mins.


4 large yellow or white potatoes 
4tbsp. Butter 
8 Cloves garlic
1 Large onion, sliced into 1/4” mini wedges
1tbsp. Fresh parsley
S&P to taste

Sour cream
Bacon bits
Lemon wedges
Green onion


Slice potatoes almost all the way through into 1/4” slices, creating a ‘hasselback’ potato. Tuck minced garlic, onion, and parsley between slices. Spread butter evenly over potatoes, and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Tear a square of tin foil (roughly 12×24) and place potatoes on top. Close foil tightly, and grill for 45 minutes (or bake for 1 hour). Let stand 10 minutes before opening (open with caution, they will be very hot!). Garnish with fresh herbs, pepper, and serve immediately. Set out bowls of lemon wedges, sour cream, green onion and bacon bits for guests to dress their own potatoes.


Crisp, tender, slightly charred corn is the best corn. The key is to first boil, THEN grill your fresh corn on the cob for best grilling results.

Cook time: 8 minutes boiled, 10 minutes grilled.


4 Ears corn on the cob

Butter, to taste
Fresh parsley
Chili powder (optional)


Bring a large, salted pot of water to boil. Shuck ears of corn, chopping each in half if desired. Boil corn 8 minutes, and carefully remove from water. Grill, unseasoned, for 10 minutes, turning 2-3 times. Dress with butter, salt and pepper, and a sprinkle of chili powder for a smoky kick. Top with fresh parsley flakes, and serve immediately.


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xo, Jamie

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