He popped the question – now it’s time to pop the champagne and celebrate with your besties!

Whether you’re jet-setting off to Vegas or a tropical resort, or celebrating in your own city with a fun night out barhopping or hitting the clubs, a photo session to commemorate the event with the whole gang is a must. With Weddingstar, you can set up a sweet and sassy display that’s both affordable, and insta-worthy, in just a few easy steps! In this post you’ll find links to everything used in the display, as well as fun extras like clothing and accessories. Brides, MOHs, or bridesmaids may all find this post to be of use!

Weddingstar is an online wedding gift and favour company based in Dunmore, Alberta, Canada. They have been the leading wedding gift and decor company in the industry for over 35 years. They have partnered with me on this post to provide you with this step-by-step DIY, showcasing how you, too, can set up this bachelorette party display! Though I have styled this display to match the ‘Kissing the Single Life Goodbye‘ themed products, Weddingstar has several other decor styles to suit any bridal style. In fact, if you (or your bestie) are a more whimsical bride, check out our Bohemian Bridal Shower Backdrop display today!

Start with a party banner! Here are a few that will work for a Bachelorette gathering.

Paper Bachelorette Party Banner – Kissing The Single Life Goodbye, Paper Bachelorette Party Banner – No Boys Allowed
Bachelorette Party Bunting Banner – Miss To Mrs, Circle Garland – Red

Level up your display with a luxe sequin backdrop. Available in Rose Gold, Gold and Silver, you can later use this backdrop in your bridal shower and even your wedding! Hang it from a backdrop display stand, or directly on the wall with a secured curtain rod. For a dramatic effect, frame the sequined backdrop with swathes of elegant sheers,

Custom Wedding Photo Backdrop Decoration – Rose Gold Sequin

Also available in Gold and Silver.

Bachelorette Party Bridal Veil – Bride, Bachelorette Party Bridal Veil – Future Mrs.

For the bride-to-be that loves a traditional veil. This pretty party veil comes in classic crisp white, with the option of ordering it blank, or with ‘Bride’, or ‘Future Mrs.’, in gold glitter. You can even customize it with the bride’s future last name, here.

Wedding Party Snapback Trucker Hats – Bride, Wedding Party Snapback Trucker Hats – I Do Crew

For the bridesmaids and even the sporty bride, try these trucker hats on for size! Available in 5 colours and an array of patterns, these hats will see you from the Bachelorette party to the Bridal Shower, and the wedding after-party! We are partial to the classic white and gold, but they also come in black, blue, neon green, and magenta.

Personalized Embroidered Casual Bridesmaid Cotton Button Down Shirt- White Monogram

The party favour the entire bridal party will rave about! These customized, extra-long button-up shirts scream ‘Risky Business: Bachelorette Edition’! Classic white is our fave, but for a fall or winter bride, check out the plaid version here.

Paper Bachelorette Party Sash – Kissing The Single Life Goodbye
Paper Bachelorette Party Sash – Bridal Party, Paper Bachelorette Party Sash – Country Girl

The quintessential barhopping piece that every bridal party needs: party sashes! These are our favourites to suit the display we’ve created, but they come in a wide variety of styles, including nautical, fiesta, and tropical, to match any theme you can think of.

Personalized Bridal Party Wedding Pins – Kissing The Single Life Goodbye, Personalized Bridal Party Wedding Pins – Kisses For The Mrs, Personalized Bridal Party Wedding Pins – Just Kissing

Pins are a cute and nostalgic way to accessorize your bridal party. Available in several styles and patterns, our favourites for this display are the ‘Kissing the Single Life Goodbye’ version. They can even have each wedding members name added, to become a memory box memento after the wedding!

Photo Booth Props – Bachelorette Party, Fun Wedding Photo Booth Props On A Stick – Gold Foil

Fun Wedding Photo Booth Prop Glasses – I Do Crew, Fun Wedding Photo Booth Prop Glasses – Team Bride & Groom

Besides the backdrop itself, the next most important thing? Props to pose with! Paper props are a great choice because not only do they photograph well, they’re also lightweight, making them extra easy to pack along on bachelorette trips. Choose an all-in-one package or two, as well as singles like foil glasses.

Women’s Unique Shaped Bachelorette Party Sunglasses – White Hearts, Women’s Unique Shaped Bachelorette Party Sunglasses – Red Hearts, Women’s Unique Shaped Bachelorette Party Sunglasses – Red Lips

Speaking of glasses, a few pairs of sunglasses are a welcome prop! Choose from regular stylish frames, to sweet heart-shaped styles, and even sassy rose-coloured ‘smooch’ glasses.

Sparkly Bachelorette Feather Boa – White, Sparkly Bachelorette Feather Boa – Light Pink

Nothing says ‘hen party’ better than feather boas. Except maybe sparkly boas! Available in white for the bride and pink for the bridesmaids.

Bridal Party Disco Ball Tumbler Cup For Bridesmaids – Silver With Pink Straw
Bachelorette Party Silly Straw – Bride, Bachelorette Party Silly Straw – Squad

For a prop that keeps on giving, why not include drinkware in your photo backdrop display? We love the disco ball tumbler cup and the bride squad silly straws! After your photo session, the bridal party can continue using these products all night long!

Personalized Bridal Party Wedding Sweatshirt – Kissing The Single Life Goodbye, Personalized Bridal Party Wedding T-Shirt – Kissing The Single Life Goodbye

Did you know Weddingstar carries customized apparel!? From sweatshirts, tank tops, and tees, these wearables come in three colours and too many patterns to count. We love the white version for the bride, and the pink and black for her crew. Send out a text to each of the wedding party for sizes and colour preferences, and surprise them with a top with their name on it! You will all look fantastic together in photos, and they make great mementos to send each guest home with.

Personalized Bridal Party Wedding Tank Top – Just Kissing, Personalized Bridal Party Tie-Up Wedding Shirt – Just Kissing

Add warmth to your display with twinkle lights. A simple strand of fairy lights work, but why stop there? If you liked the disco ball tumbler cup earlier, you will love these disco ball string lights!

Decorative Battery Operated LED String Lights – Disco Ball, Decorative Incandescent Plug-In String Lights – White Garland

Last, but definitely not least, capture a few memories the old fashioned way – with a disposable camera! Make sure to turn the flash on for maximum throwback vibes. Available in several cartridge patterns.

Disposable Camera With Flash – Silver Hearts, Disposable Camera With Flash – Vintage, Disposable Camera With Flash – Silver Enchanted Hearts

Congratulations on your upcoming event, and thank you so much for checking out this tutorial today. Please follow Weddingstar and I on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest, and keep up with us for more great ideas. There is always something new and exciting at Weddingstar!

xo, Jamie

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