Staying in for Valentine’s Day?

Give this unique charcuterie idea a try! This Heart-shaped Charcuterie Wreath is the ideal appetizer for Valentine’s Day, Galentine’s day, or an evening in enjoying your own fabulous company.

Artfully arranged on a bed of fresh rosemary, this heart-shaped edible wreath features salty cured meat roses, tart and creamy boursin balls, juicy heart-shaped strawberries and dried apricots. Call it an appetizer, call it a meat and cheese platter, or call it ‘grown up cheese and crackers’; thanks to its versatility, charcuterie is beloved by all. The best part of crafting a beautiful charcuterie board from scratch is that you can use any ingredients you like, and get extra creative in the presentation! Hearts, wreaths, eclectic sprawling spreads… they all look amazing when you use a Weddingstar board.

 Weddingstar Inc. is my partner company for this post, and I know you will love them just as much as I do. Weddingstar is your one-stop-shop for all things wedding, shower, birthday, holiday and more. By more, I mean everything you could possibly need to decorate your home, for beautiful and intentional living.

Based in Alberta, Canada (neighbouring to where I live, in British Columbia), Weddingstar has been the go-to company for all of your gift and event needs for over 35 years. Serving North America-wide as well as Australia, they make decorating easy and fun, by staying at the forefront of all wedding and social media trends year after year. A noteworthy bonus of shopping with Weddingstar? You are able to personalize nearly everything on the site with a name or monogram, with hundreds of font and colour options to choose from. The boards featured in this post are an excellent example of this!

Creating blog posts for Weddingstar is one of my favourite parts of my job as a blogger, thanks to their vast catalogue of products providing endless inspiration. In this post, you’ll learn how to build your own heart-shaped snack-able wreath, including an ingredient shopping list, and linked shopping information for the serveware and decor pictured along the way. We also have the perfect Valentine’s Day wine recommendation for you, so keep reading…!

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Pro tip when choosing ingredients: decide on a colour palette, and commit to it. For this board, I chose pink, white and black, with just a touch of orange!


You don’t have to purchase all of these ingredients; this shopping guide is meant to help get you started on the right track. I would recommend choosing two to three items from each section, and going from there!


Choose a variety of cheeses with different flavours and textures, including hard, semi-hard, soft, crumbly, and mild, sharp, earthy and tangy.

White cheddar | Swiss | Havarti
Parmigiano | Emmental | Gruyere
Gouda | Brie | Camembert
Boursin | Goat | Roquefort


Choose a range of cured and fresh deli meats to create your ‘roses’, including different flavours and spice levels. Red wine, garlic, and chili flavoured meats always add interest to meat and cheese boards.

Pepper Salami | Genoa Salami
Soppressata | Calabrese
Mortadella | Prosciutto
Coppa di parma


Include a mix of each, with a variety of soft, hard, crispy, and crunchy varieties.

Water Crackers | Rye Crisps
Artisan Crisps | Fresh Baguette Slices
Rice Crackers | Wheat Crackers
Breadstick Batons or Twists
Fresh Baguette Slices


Including juicy, fresh fare is a must-have palate cleanser among the saltier, richer foods. Especially if you plan on kissing your Valentine’s date later…!

Strawberries | Blackberries | Raspberries
Grapes | Orange Slices
Apricots | Plums


When choosing herbs, consider two things: flavour and appearance. Rosemary is almost always my herb of choice, not only because I love the flavour and scent, but also the look of it on my boards!

Rosemary | Thyme | Sage
Mint | Oregano


Sweet, mild, spicy, savoury… these are a must for any board! For a Valentine’s or romance themed board, consider products in shades of pink and red.

Red Pepper Jelly | Apricot Jam
Blueberry Jelly | Honey
Candied jalapeños | Tomato chutney
Olive tapenade | Hummus


It’s not Valentine’s Day without the sweet stuff!

Assorted Milk and Dark Chocolates
Caramel Filled White Chocolates
Peanut Butter Cups
Chocolate Covered Fruit or Nuts
Solid Chocolate Mini Hearts
Chocolate or Yogurt Covered Pretzels


Now for assembling your board, which can feel like an intimidating task – I have news for you! There is no wrong way to put together your ingredients, as long as they end up in a heart shape!

Start by laying out a thick bed of fresh rosemary into a heart shape. For the best results, begin with the stems at the base of the board, and end with the ends curling inward at the top. For additional security, fasten the rosemary branches together with carefully hidden twist ties!

Personalized Wooden Round Cutting & Serving Board With Handle – Signature Script, Personalized Wooden Round Cutting & Serving Board With Handle – Modern Couple, Personalized Wooden Round Cutting & Serving Board With Handle – Circle Monogram

Weddingstar has an ample selection of personalized boards for every home! Available in six styles with more designs than you can count, I’m partial to the round board featured in this post, though any will work for this tutorial.

Personalized Round Marble & Wood Serving Board – Mr. & Mrs., Personalized Round Marble & Wood Serving Board – Script Monogram, Personalized Round Marble & Wood Serving Board – Geo Monogram

Next, dot your ingredients in. You can copy the layout directly in this post, or have fun creating your own ‘wreath design’! Pro tip: cube your cheese into a tiny bites and add to the wreath in mini piles, and roll your boursin into bite-sized balls and stud throughout the heart. You can leave them as is, or crust them in crushed nuts and chopped dried fruit!

To create these adorable ‘meat roses’, try rolling up a slice of ‘light pink’ prosciutto to create a ‘ruffled’ floral centre, and wrap a slice of ‘red’ coppa di parma around it for visual depth. Run a toothpick (warn guests beforehand!) through the slices for sturdiness, or simply nestle the roses into the greens before they unfurl. Easy-peasy pink and red roses!

Don’t skip the small details. Carve a notch into the top of a dried apricot, and mold with your fingers to create mini hearts for your board. You can do this with any of your favourite dried fruit!

Similarly with strawberries, remove stems, halve each berry, and slice a notch into the tops to create natural hearts!

“LOVE” Plates Set

Though you can’t use Weddingstar’s LOVE plates set to create your heart, we would be remiss not to add them to this post! Fill with your favourite Valentine’s candies to serve alongside your charcuterie heart wreath.

Personalized napkins are always a great idea!

Personalized Foil Printed Paper Napkins – Double Hearts, Personalized Foil Printed Paper Napkins – Stop And Smell The Rosé Serif
Personalized Foil Printed Paper Napkins – Home Sweet Home, Personalized Foil Printed Paper Napkins – Love Wreath
Personalized Foil Printed Paper Napkins – Kiss, Personalized Foil Printed Paper Napkins – Love Wreath
Personalized Foil Printed Paper Napkins – Custom Word, Personalized Foil Printed Paper Napkins – Decorative Initial Monogram
Cute Special Occasion Paper Party Napkin – Heart, Gold Splash Cocktail Napkins – Small
Small Heart Disposable Paper Party Plates – Rose Gold – Set Of 8, Large Heart Disposable Paper Party Plates – Rose Gold – Set Of 8

As are paper plates, in shades of pink and gold (because Valentine’s Day is not a day for dish duty!).

The perfect board deserves the perfect cheese knife set pairing.

Custom Engraved 3-Piece Gold Handled Cheese Knife Set – Signature Script

Brand new to Weddingstar, the 3-piece gold handled cheese knife set is breathtakingly beautiful! With their brilliantly shiny gold handles, they make an excellent addition to any serveware collection, and the personalization option makes for a wonderful gift.

Custom Engraved 3-Piece Gold Handled Cheese Knife Set – Mr. & Mrs., Custom Engraved 3-Piece Gold Handled Cheese Knife Set – Diamond Emblem Monogram

As per usual, we love to feature a fantastic local wine in our blog posts! Our pick to pair with your charcuterie heart?

Intrigue Wine’s ‘I Do’ Sparkling Pink Wine

We enjoy wine at special moments together with friends and family. I DO was created to be part of those celebrations. This frizzante style wine truly is the definition of “Pretty in Pink”. Offering aromas of freshly picked strawberries, raspberries, and a hint of honey suckle on the nose, while flavours reminiscent of Swedish Berries and strawberry peach smoothies on a hot, summers day linger on the palate. The crisp acidity of Riesling elevates the plump berry character of Merlot and the ripe tropical aromas of Gewurztraminer.

Suggested food pairings: Smoked salmon eggs benedict, coconut shrimp, buttered popcorn, wedding cake.

– Intrigue Wines

‘I Do’ Mini Sparkling Pink Wine

Our famous “I Do” bubbles now comes in a pocket-sized mini! This 200ml bottle is the perfect single serve for picnics, camping, or for a bridal toast.This frizzante style wine offers rich aromas of peach and crisp apples. The crisp acidity of Riesling elevates the berry character of Merlot and the tropical aromas of Gewurztraminer. 

Suggested food pairings: Wedding cake, turkey risotto, sushi, cheese fondue or eggs benny.

– Intrigue Wines

You can’t have cheese without a little wine! Check out these beautiful glassware options, in shades of pink and rose gold.

Vintage Style Pressed Glass Champagne Flute – Pink, Vintage Style Pressed Glass Wine Goblet – Pink, 18 Oz. Mercury Wine Glass – Rose Gold
Rose Gold Stemmed 18 Oz. Wine Glass – Mrs., Rose Gold Stemmed 18 Oz. Wine Glass – Mr.

These gilded Mr. and Mrs. glasses are thoughtfully sold separately – you can choose one of each, or two and two, depending on your unique love story. This is applicable to all of Weddingstar’s glassware, and this makes me very proud to be partnered with this company. Love is love, always!

Copper Stemless Wine Glass
Copper Stemless Wine Glass – Woodland Monogram Etching, Copper Stemless Wine Glass – Classic Initials Etching
Personalized 16 Oz. Navy Metal Stemless Wine Glass Gift Set – Mr And Mrs

When you think of metal drink tumblers, your mind may immediately go to copper vessels – copper is a timeless choice of course, but Weddingstar’s new line of navy drinkware has me swooning!

Custom Engraved 16 Oz. Navy Metal Stemless Wine Glass – Mrs, Custom Engraved 16 Oz. Navy Metal Stemless Wine Glass – Mr

More sweet, heart-themed options are what Weddingstar does best.

Suspended Heart Unity Candle Holder
Small Glass Globe Votive Holder With Reflective Lace Pattern – Peach, Mercury Glass Flower Vase – Rose Gold

Decorate your table in alllll of the mirrored, pink prettiness!

Miniature Glass Tealight Holder With Wire Hanger, Sugar Frosted Tealight Candle Holders – Pastel Blush – Set Of 3
Small Decorative Candle Lantern – Gold, Gold Pocket Wedding Ring Holder With Chain, Rose Gold Pocket Wedding Ring Holder With Chain

Maybe a little gold, too… just for the fun of it!

The finest chocolates deserve the finest box.

Small Glass Jewellery Box With Rose Gold Edges, Small Personalized Rose Gold Glass Jewellery Box– Modern Fairy Tale Engraving, Small Personalized Rose Gold Glass Jewellery Box – Floral Print Engraving
Personalized Rose Gold Rectangle Paper Favour Box With Handle – Custom Text

If you’re serving this heart-shaped charcuterie wreath to the girls for Galentine’s Day, send them home with some treats in a rose gold favour box! And of course, an ‘I Do’ Mini.

Heart Swirl Block Bottom Gusset Paper Goodie Bags, Double Hearts Flat Paper Goodie Bag
Conversation Hearts – Large

I hope this tutorial provided you with the inspiration to get creating your own gorgeous Heart-shaped Charcuterie Wreath! Weddingstar and I would love to see your creations, so please tag us in your Instagram photos! You can find me here, and Weddingstar here.

Happy Valentine’s Day, dear reader! Cheers to a wonderful 2023.

xo, Jamie

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