Finding ‘The One’ and tying the knot is one of the most defining moments in a couple’s life together (if you’re the marrying kind, of course!). There’s just one more moment between the two that a lot of couples remember as the happiest of their lives – and that would be the proposal! Though many modern couples may choose to omit the traditional proposal and head straight to ‘I do’ (which is perfectly fine), a proposal is a time honoured tradition that many still view as the signifying moment that begins a new chapter in your lives as fiancés.

There are so many imaginative and special ways to pop the question, and more and more couples are choosing unique ways to propose that feels uniquely ‘them’. One of our favourites? Proposing to your sweetheart with a personalized picnic, complete with bubbly to celebrate after you’ve popped the question!

A proposal picnic is a classic for a reason; it’s intimate, romantic, can take place anywhere (particularly places of significance to the couple), and leaves the ‘proposer’ lots of room to incorporate personal touches to make the ‘proposee’ feel especially loved and cared for. My partner company on this post, the fabulous Weddingstar, has everything you need to make your proposal a memory that will last a lifetime, including personalized stemware, ring holders, decor accents, and more. This post is intended to not only be a helpful guide to planning your own proposal, but may also be useful to wedding and event planners. There is so much to love with Weddingstar’s vast inventory of wedding and occasion products!

First step? The ring!

Rose Gold Pocket Wedding Ring Holder With Chain. Available in gold, rose gold, with the option of with or without inscription.

Weddingstar carries an assortment of regal pocket watches for the groom and groomsmen (I even gifted one to my husband, Tristan, the morning of our wedding day!), and they also carry a line of pocket watch style ring holders! We think using one to propose with and again as you walk down the aisle is a lovely way to add another layer of closeness to your nuptials.

The rose gold trend is here to stay!

What is a proposal picnic without whimsical decorations and decor?

Looking Glass Trinket Holder, available inscribed or blank. Rustic Wood Decorative Tray With Ornamental Handles, available in Large and Small.

Adding the finer details to your picnic spread is a must, especially for something as special as a proposal. For this display, I incorporated Weddingstar’s gilded looking glass mirror, and rustic wood and galvanized tray. Again, these pieces are perfect for also re-using in your wedding, and even in your home decor afterwards. You may also wish to add other elements to your display, such as ornamental bird cages, lanterns, confetti, and more.

After your partner has said, ‘Yes!’, it’s time to pop the bubbly! Read on, for our #1 choice in wedding wines…

*make sure to check your local liquor laws regarding where you are proposing if using traditional wine with alcohol content to celebrate your engagement.

We couldn’t have selected a more perfect bottle to celebrate a proposal with! Weddingstar and I are delighted to feature the festive ‘I Do’ 2021 wine from Intrigue Wines, an exceptional winery based in Lake Country, B.C. This frizzante style wine is the prettiest pink shade, in a luxe frosted bottle with the most delicate and sweet message on the front. With tasting notes of freshly-picked strawberries, raspberry, peach, honeysuckle, and reminiscent of Swedish Berry candy, it’s the perfect way to celebrate while you cheers through happy tears!

Intrigue’s ‘I Do’ wine is a thoughtful blend of 53.2% Riesling, 25.5% Gewurztraminer, 17.2% Merlot, 3.5% Ehrenfelser, 0.4% Malbec, 0.2% Cabernet Franc. If you don’t live local to the Okanagan, you may still be able to order this extraordinary wine online.

Have a set of champagne glasses at the ready, along with a stable place to rest them. The rustic wood tray is a fantastic option for this!

Tulip Champagne Toasting Wedding Flute – Mr, Classic Engraved Wedding Champagne Glasses, Tulip Champagne Toasting Wedding Flute – Mrs

Weddingstar has a wide variety of champagne glasses inscribed with Bride, Groom, Mr., Mrs., and customizable or blank options for those that prefer their own message or name. After the proposal, use the glasses at your wedding and for anniversaries and special occasions in the coming years! There are also options for the entire wedding party, which also make great wedding mementos to send your besties home with.

Cheers, to many more blissful years!

We also suggest bringing along a charcuterie spread, or perhaps your spouse’s favourite dish to enjoy as your first ‘newly engaged’ meal. It is a picnic, after all!

A lakeside picnic with a view is our idea of the perfect proposal spot. Pictured here is picturesque Kalamalka Lake, the emerald jewel of the Okanagan (can you tell why?). Other places to consider could be your favourite park, hiking trail, or even your own backyard or living room floor! The most important part of any proposal? The meaning for the couple behind it.

We hope you found inspiration here for planning out that special moment, and congratulations on your future nuptials! However you decide to pop the question, make it memorable with Weddingstar’s gorgeous and affordable decor and gifts.

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xo, Jamie

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