Sometimes there’s just no avoiding it. You know what I’m talking about – good ol’ date night fatigue! Whether you’re a homebody looking for new ideas, newly coupled up and looking to try new things, or you’re visiting the Okanagan and want to learn a few insider tips – this list is your new best friend when you just ‘can’t think of anything to do‘!

Read on, for some Okanagan inspired date ideas to enjoy during the warmer months!

1. Take a stroll along the Waterfront Boardwalk, with an ice cream or a gelato (try Parlour, Moolix, or Amore Mio).

2. Pack a picnic for two and head to your favourite park. Don’t have a fave? Try Kaloya, Bertram, or classic City Park!

3. Go for a sunset dinner on a patio. There is no shortage of fantastic patios in the Okanagan. Try Pane Vino, The Fixx Cafe, or Oak + Cru for romantic vibes. Make a reservation if possible.

4. Early birds? Go for lunch on a patio! Try Craft Beer Market, Central, or The Salty Caramel Kitchen for summer day vibes.

5. Go for a kayaking or paddle boarding adventure! Rent a couple of water-crafts if you don’t own any, and pack a bag of essentials, as well as snacks and water. Stick to the shoreline to avoid boats, and be sure to wear a life jacket if you’re inexperienced.

6. Charge up your laptop, grab your popcorn, and drive to a lookout or secluded area – to have a movie night in the car! Must-haves? Blankets, pillows, fuzzy slippers, and twinkle lights. No-no’s? Leaving the car running (no one wants to be stranded in the woods with a dead battery), shorts and flip flops (guarantee you’ll get cold), and alcohol (just no).

7. Want the appeal of the big screen? Go out to the Starlight Drive-in in Enderby!

8. And while you’re at it, do the Enderby channel float during the day! Check out my guide to make the most of your trip.

9. Enjoy a beach day, just the two of you. Visit the ‘Beaches‘ section of my Kelowna Tourism Guide to find your new perfect spot.

10. Visit a bird sanctuary – Kelowna has two easily accessible waterfront sanctuaries you can choose from!  Maude-Roxby Bird Sanctuary and  Rotary Marsh Park are both a lot of fun to stroll through. Bring a camera!

11. Dress up, and go for a couple’s sunset photoshoot. There is nothing like having a set of quality photos to capture a moment in time for the two of you as a couple (and summer is such a great time for this). Cheesy as it is, you will love having them to look back on. Ask a friend who’s handy with a camera, or book one of the many amazing photographers in the Okanagan to do a shoot with you. *side note – I sometimes do couples and branding photoshoots on the side! DM me on Instagram to discuss your ideas, and for rates.

12. Go tree fruit, berry bush, or veggie picking! The Okanagan is full of ‘pick your own produce‘ farms and orchards.

13. Visit a farmer’s market, buy whatever produce speaks to you, and craft a fresh, local dinner together! Some of my favourite summer produce in the Okanagan? Yellow zucchini, butter lettuce, beets, apples, and apricots. Grab some local cheese, sauces, and bread, and get creative with it!

14. Of course, visit a winery. You don’t necessarily have to do a tasting either, if the thought of it is intimidating. Wineries have great restaurants! Dress up and go for lunch – and if you don’t know anything about wine, that’s easy: ask your server for their recommendation! You know what people love? Sharing their insight.

15. If you like beer or cider more than wine, you know what’s popping up all over the Okanagan? Breweries and cideries!

16. Go for a day trip. Pick a restaurant, winery, brewery, cidery, amusement park, golf course, flower farm, or petting zoo in a neighbouring city, and build a day around your road trip!

17. Have a tech-free day. That can be whatever you want it to be. You could stay home and read in bed together, you could go out and run errands around town, you could spend the day at the beach – just make a point of leaving your phones behind, and just enjoy each other’s company.

18. Come up with your own ‘perfect day’ tour. Starting with your go-to breakfast spot, make a list of all your favourite things to do in Kelowna. Vow to do all of them before sundown, and document the journey as you go. End the day with a selfie to commemorate your tour!

19. Write a summer bucket list together, and check one thing off of it afterwards.

20. Have a cook or bake off in your own kitchen. Choose one thing you both love, and compete to see who can make it better! Share your final products on social media without revealing who made what, and let your friends and families decide on the winner.

21. Pick one food dish (margherita pizza, fish tacos, spicy salmon sushi, truffle fries), and find it on a few menus around town. Go on your own mini ‘food tasting tour’ to try them all!

22. Lock the doors, turn off your phones, turn on the A/C and spend the afternoon doing…. you know.

23. Head downtown to Kasugai Gardens. After a peaceful walk through the serene Japanese park, walk over to the downtown library. Find a couple of books, a quiet corner, and read together. Want to make it even more romantic? Read a book of poetry together.

24. Go camping! There is no shortage of beautiful campsites here in the Okanagan. Here are two great websites to help you choose a camping destination: Discover Camping, and B.C. Parks

25. Or if you can’t do an overnight trip, go hiking. One thing the Okanagan is not lacking is scenic vistas and hiking trails!

26. Hit up your fave grocery store and each pick out a box of popsicles. Once at home, eat them in your underwear to beat the summer heat, and judge who chose the better flavour.

27. Visit a local flower or lavender farm now that they’re in full bloom.

28. Go to your nearest water park! Waterslides are still fun when you’re an adult, just sayin’!

29. Go for a round of mini golf at Scandia or 19 Greens! Winner gets to choose where to go to lunch or dinner afterwards.

30. Play 20 questions: here is set of free templates!

I hope you enjoyed this post today, friends! Have fun on your next date – let me know what you get up to! Tag me in your instagram stories @jamie.krause, or comment below to let me know what your fave idea on the list was!

xo, Jamie

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