Welcome to the ‘Krause House’ in summer 2021!

Something you may not know about me – not only do I adore nautical and ocean themed decor, I also have a thing for pirate folklore! Movies, TV shows, books, sign me up. Especially if there are mermaids included. So, this year I added some fun ‘pirate themed’ touches to my decor, like a spy glass, compasses, gilded oyster shells, and more! I went for a seaglass, white and gold theme throughout the apartment, and wow, do I ever love it. I think this might be my favourite home tour to date!

I hope you enjoy visiting my home, and please feel free to pin photos along the way!

First stop, our living room:

Our sectional always gets a lot of love, if you are on the hunt for a nice sectional, visit L Furniture! Our exact model can be found here. You can choose the fabric and firmness when you order! Plus the warranty is fantastic, and it’s made here in Canada.

I’m still head over heels for my new Rachelle Natural Indoor / Outdoor Area Rug, $429.99, from Wayfair Canada. I even bought a second one for our bedroom!

I threw together this delicate arrangement last minute before the tour, and I think it turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself! I used florals from Michaels, Afloral, and Florals for Less. Keep an eye out on the blog in July, as I’ll be teaching you how to make a classic green and white floral arrangement like this in partnership with Florals for Less!

I tried to make our living room a place of serenity, where we can relax and unwind.

Soft florals certainly help!

This vignette is my favourite spot in the house right now. I used several pieces from White Haven Home, an online home decor company I’m partnered with. You can find all of these products below:

Oyster Shell Ornament, $29.95 (from Grit & Grace Studios, and for my Canadian friends it’s only available at White Haven!)

Sweetheart Marble Board, $73.99

Sweetheart Coasters, $34.99

And don’t forget to use the code JAMIELOVE15 to enjoy 15% off of your first order!

A sweet little compass leftover from my wedding decor 3 years ago. With a bit of lace and a sticker, it looks so romantic!

The coolest vintage style spyglass, $22 on The shell was a gift from my sister, she picked it up for me while she was snorkelling in Mexico!

A pretty coffee table book, Kate Hudson’s ‘Pretty Happy’.

Last winter I moved this armchair to another part of the living room to put our Christmas tree here. After spending the spring with a simply ottoman and blanket ladder in this corner, I decided I missed having the chair here, and moved it back. Now I love this sweet little corner!

A simple side table with a few accessories adds some personality over here, and a place to set a drink if I read over here.

This vintage brass Horse, $18, was from Home Again Consignment, arguably my favourite store here in Kelowna. You never know what treasures you will find there! I also bring things from my own home to consign there.

A framed photo from our engagement shoot in 2016. This frame is from Michaels – find a similar one here.

A ‘huge’ change in our living room this year – our new TV from Best Buy Canada! At first I thought it was obscenely large, but we all have bad eyesight in this house, so it turned out to be a godsend LOL! Also that pretty ‘You, Me, and the Sea’ throw is from White Haven Home for $58.

Here’s a fun hack for you! I jazzed up this Home Depot faux fireplace by spray painting rubber wood appliques white, and taping them to the corners of the stand!

I also swapped out the original steel knobs with some pale gold ones. I think these touches added just the right amount of neoclassical femininity!

Can’t forget my signature oversized vases of fluffy white hydrangeas and greenery strategically placed around my home!

This lovely home sign was a gift from Shanmade Goods! Shanda does fantastic custom work, DM her on Instagram with your ideas!

Forever collecting wooden sailboats. I’m up to four now!

Next stop, our dining room:

We love our new light fixture from Habitat for Humanity Okanagan! Can you believe it only cost $10? A quick coat of spray paint gave it the exact look I was going for, and it felt great to not only save money on a brand new fixture (I was looking at similar ones for upwards of $100!), but to give something new life and save it from the landfill.

It works perfectly in our space.

I decorated my dining table for summer with a tray of nautical decor, flanked by a couple of hurricane vases.

A ship wheel clock, bowl of shells, lighthouse tea light holder, and another compass gave my existing decor an easy makeover without spending a lot of $! Buying decor that works year round with a few seasonal tweaks is the best tip I can give you for decorating a small space (on a small budget!).

Pretty, dainty details.

Anchor bottle opener, $7.19

By the Sea Lighthouse Tea Light Holder, $4.80

White wood tray, Oak and Pine Creative Co. DM to order!

Hurricane vases work for every season, and add such cozy ambience on rainy summer days! I found both of mine at HomeSense, but most home stores carry oversized vases like these.

This cute wooden lifesaver decor was a dollar store find!

My dining room cabinet got a mini makeover with a couple of summery Bath & Body Works candles, and my porcelain crab.

He was also a dollar store find!

I’ve since burned my Island Waters candle, but I loved the photo on the jar so much I kept it with a tealight inside!

This one is Waikiki Beach Coconut!

Over on my sideboard, I created a small bar area, with some embellished glass wine goblets, tasseled coasters, bottle toppers, and a ‘Cheers’ art print.

I also chose to display my whale shark art print here this year! I bought this print on Etsy, you can find it and other styles, here.

Blue Tilda Tassel Coaster, $5.99 each

Wine goblet, $10.99

I tried something different with my pillar candle holders this summer, by topping them with a hobnail bottle, and my starfish pedestal. I think it was a fun change!

Especially with the starfish draped with my fave wooden heart beads. The Wooden Prayer Beads are currently out of stock, but will be coming soon!

Decor is all in the details! Even the tiniest ones. Coral Bottle Topper, $3.59.

That brings us into the Kitchen:

Truthfully, I don’t love our kitchen! I can’t wait for the day we have a house of our own, with a large kitchen I get to design!

But, in the name of honesty, I figured I wouldn’t skip giving you a peek into our kitchen. It’s a classic ‘rental apartment’ kitchen from the 80’s, but I think I’ve done a decent job giving it some home-y touches!

Like this cute sign over our stove. It was a HomeSense find!

As was our utensil caddy – this was actually a plant pot!

I love the ornate pattern on it. Adding some sophisticated touches to our dated kitchen helped to bring it into 2021!

Like these gold measuring spoons and cups on a white plaque, and these pin striped oven mitts on display. Find similar measuring pieces here, and similar mitts here.

I’ve decorated this countertop with more white pieces, like bowls, jars, and an artichoke objet (find a similar one here).

This beautiful sign was a gift from Ironwood Designs! Simply DM Candace to place an order. She did such an amazing job bringing my idea to life, I love this piece.

It matches our kitchen perfectly.

This artichoke was a Home Again Consignment find. If you’re not a thrifter, I highly recommend giving it a whirl! You can find the coolest and most unique home decor this way!

And that’s our cozy kitchen! It may be small, but you know what they say: the kitchen is the heart of the home, and ours is no different.

And our last stop, the bedroom:

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of this view!

Our bedding is from a mix of places – our quilt set, standard pillows, and pillowcases are from Amazon. Our coverlet and Euro shams are from HomeSense, and our toss pillows are from IKEA.

This boat was a Big Box Outlet find. You’d be amazed at the decor this store carries!

Nothing like coming home to a view like this at the end of a long day. Do you make your bed every morning?

I recently replaced the knobs on our nightstands with these crystal ones from the Home Depot. A welcome change from the old satin nickel ones!

I removed the tray from my nightstand and minimized what I keep here. Following the rule of thirds, I’ve kept a metal pitcher of hydrangeas, a small box with a ring holder on top, and a pedestal with another lighthouse tea light holder.

By the Sea Lighthouse Tea Light Holder, $4.80

Primrose Scrunchie Stand, $74

I also moved my blanket ladder to our bedroom! It gives this corner such a pretty look with a sun hat over a romantic throw.

You’ll Forever Be My Always Throw Blanket, $58

Blanket Ladder, $70

Another huge change since the spring – we moved our old TV into our bedroom! 13 years and we had never had a TV in our room – is this the beginning of the end? LOL!

Primrose Scrunchie Stand, $74

You may have noticed by now, I often use cake stands and pedestals to elevate my decor – this is a great way to add height to your tabletops without shopping for new, oversized pieces. Plus you can move them around your home whenever the mood strikes!

A bowl of shells from our 2nd anniversary trip to Gibsons, B.C. atop our dresser is a lovely reminder of great times we’ve had together.

A watercolour-look canvas brings all of the colours of our room together.

Thank you for joining me on the tour today! I hope you’re feeling inspired for the warmer months, and all things sun, sea, and summer! Let me know if you have any questions about anything I didn’t tag in the photos. I’m always happy to help!

xo, Jamie

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