March is one of my favourite months of the year – can you guess why!?

Yep, it’s because my birthday lands mid-March. I have to say, growing up with my birthday landing peak spring break was… pretty awesome! That might be why I’m very much a birthday person as an adult. And not just my own; I love celebrating everyone’s birthdays! My sister Danielle loves it; my husband Tristan? Maybe not so much, but he’ll get there…!

My friends at Weddingstar were so sweet this month in knowing that it was my birthday month; not only did they send over birthday goodies and flowers (!), we also decided to make one of our monthly blog posts birthday and party related. Before we dive into it, I have to share the flowers:

The sweetest, I couldn’t ask for a better company to partner with!

I’ve been playing around with flatlays (a spread of products and decorations typically on a patterned or plain background) these days and I love how fun this party themed one turned out. With not a flower in sight, this was a little out of my wheelhouse. But you may have noticed this already – it’s pretty much impossible for Weddingstar’s products to not look fab!

In today’s post I’m sharing all of Weddingstar’s best party and birthday themed products so you have a handy shopping list the next time the occasion calls for it. From silly straws and disposable cameras, to string lights, banners and personalized favours, there are sure to be several things you need to ‘add to cart’ ASAP! Also for those with pre-teens and teenagers, this post is basically a guide on ‘how to be the cool parent’ – you’re welcome!

Please be advised the following blog post is in paid partnership with Weddingstar, and you can tap any product photo to easily shop it:


I have a thing for pegboards, and when I saw this white and gold one, it instantly shot to the top of my list. At a modest 10″x10″, this pretty letter board is great to have not only for parties, but also as a fun quote board year round.


Birthday banners are the simplest way to make an entire room look festive in seconds. Weddingstar has 3 to choose from – which is your favourite?


From mercury globes and disco balls to flamingos and geo shaped lights, there are several options to choose here! I especially love the mercury globes.


Personalized glassware makes a great gift to the birthday honoree, and also makes great favours in general. Guests can sip from their special drinkware and take it home with them! Though in the case of pre-teens and teens, give these a whirl instead:

They will love a tumbler cup with their name, but I think they will especially go bonkers for the disco ball tumbler!


And if you want to jazz up the drinkware, look no further than a silly straw! They’re not just for kids anymore, thanks to Weddingstar…!


Available in Fresh Linen, Apples & Cinnamon or Unscented, have you ever seen a cuter gift basket addition?


Yes, there may be an app for that now, but there is something so nostalgic about a disposable camera! Not only in the quirky images they produce, but in how they make people feel when they come out. Set a few of these out at your next party and watch your guests ham it up! Waiting on the results of the film is half the fun; your friends and fam will be just as anxious to see them as you. After you get the photos back, be sure to scan or photograph them on your smartphone and share the results!

*Please note: most photo labs will recycle your camera for you after printing, but if you are eco-conscious like me, be sure to ask them what they do with the cameras after printing. If they toss them, request yours to be returned to you and recycle it yourself wherever your city accepts disposable cameras.


Paper napkins, but make them personal! How cute are these personalized birthday napkins? They’re available in 14 napkin colours with 14 font colours to choose from, so you really can make these fully your own along with your inscription. Also available in champagne bottles, hearts, diamonds and pineapples, Weddingstar has a wide array of non-personalized napkins you can use for any theme of party.

Thank you for visiting the blog today, I hope this post inspired you to start planning your next birthday or big event! Don’t forget to visit me and Weddingstar on social media today, and feel free to use the code JAMIE10 to receive 10% off of your Weddingstar purchase today.

xo, Jamie

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P.s. here’s a couple of snaps from wine-tasting for my birthday this year! I really do love a good birthday celebration.

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