Hello, soon-to-be-wed’s! Congratulations on your engagement!

There are so many unique additions couples are choosing to incorporate while they tie the knot, besides the classic ring exchange. From the Unity Candle Ceremony, to the Unity Sand Ceremony, to the Handfasting Ceremony, couples love to find ways to add a touch of their own special bond to their nuptials.

Of course, here in the Okanagan, we love our wine! The Okanagan Valley of British Columbia, Canada, is the second-largest wine producing area in Canada (second only to the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario, Canada), and with our award-winning wineries, stunning lakes, and our true four-season weather, it is a hotspot for vacationing tourists. And with our scenic vistas overlooking our gorgeous vineyards and lakes, it’s no wonder couples flock to get married in our beautiful province every spring and summer.

That is why I truly cannot think of a more fitting tribute to unity ceremonies than with Weddingstar’s Love Letter Ceremony Wine Box Set.

This post is in paid partnership with my friends at Weddingstar!

Bride And Groom Love Letter Anniversary Time Capsule

A romantic twist on traditional unity ceremonies, the love letter ceremony box presents the bride and groom with a unique, but inexpensive, wedding ceremony alternative. Like a wedding day time capsule, this box set encapsulates heartfelt letters that you and your spouse write to one another and lock away to be opened several years into your marriage. It can be included as part of your wedding ceremony and can be a tradition passed down to future generations. The beautiful lined box comes with a pair of wine glasses with “I Do” and “I Do Too” etched on them, a set of specialized stationery for the bride and groom to write their love letters on, an example of the ceremony wording for the officiant to use on the big day, and recommended ceremony instructions. With everything together in a kit, all that’s left to do is pick your favourite bottle of wine to lock away with your love letters. Plus, you can have the box personalized, engraving the couple’s names, the wedding date, or meaningful text on the lid of the box for a cheap additional price. Turning the box itself into a beautiful keepsake. A wedding day time capsule that the couple can open whenever they choose. A great idea for a special marriage celebration on your first, fifth, or even tenth anniversary date.

Excerpt from

Please note: this wedding box set is for all couples that love wine and are looking for something special to add to their ceremony. While the instructional leaflet and two letters enclosed come with bands that say ‘words from the Bride’ and ‘words from the Groom’, these are to be recycled and not kept in the box. The wine glasses, love letters, and love letter Mind Map are free of pronouns, and the wine box set can even be passed down from generation to generation!

The ceremony set is meant to be filled out beforehand, and during your vows, with the help of your Officiant you may lock the box together in the presence of your loved ones. The box comes with two small compartments below the glasses for each of you to stow away any meaningful trinkets before locking the box (think seashells from the beach you were married on, something from your first date, a family heirloom etc.).

This wedding box set is absolutely gorgeous, and was clearly made with the finest craftsmanship. Not only is it meaningful, but it makes a wonderful decor piece in your home afterwards! It would make the perfect gift to a newly engaged couple as well, many officiants and wedding planners have even purchased the box to gift to their couples.

The hardest part? Not opening the bottle while we shot this!

Tristan and I have been married for 3 years, and I truly wish I had known about the box while we were planning our wedding. We were married on the beach of a private vineyard on Okanagan Lake! But, it’s better late than never, so we will be writing letters to each other and locking the box for a future anniversary. If you are already married, you can do this, too! It’s never too late to create a loving memory with your partner.

Tristan and I decided on this stately bottle of Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon from one of our favourite wineries, Mission Hill Family Estate Winery, in West Kelowna. By a stroke of luck, the bottle we found was from our wedding year!

The set includes the engraved walnut veneer wine box, matching wine glasses, a wine bottle tag, two keys (the keys should be stored apart in case one is lost), and two letters, each with an extra piece of stationery in case your letter runs long. It also includes two ‘Mind Maps’ to help you craft your letters.

The royal purple and chocolate brown palette of the box is such a treat for the eyes.

The glasses read, ‘I do’ and ‘I do too’. For added safety, consider wrapping them in tissue before the locking of the box.

The box comes with thorough instructions so there is no room for user error, and it’s very easy to understand!

The Mind Map is extremely helpful if you are not a natural writer, or even if you are. Writing a love letter to the person you care for can be very emotional. The Mind Map has several prompts, and helps you to craft your letter before you begin writing on the specialty stationery.

As tempting as it may be to write the letters together, we suggest writing them on your own time. And remember: tempting as it may be, don’t share your letters! They will be well worth the wait.

If you are ready to purchase your Love Letter Wine Box Set, be sure to use the code JAMIE10 for 10% off! If you have any questions about the box, I am more than happy to answer them for you over on my Instagram, at @jamie.krause. Be sure to give me and Weddingstar a follow on social media!

Best of luck with your wedding, may it be the beginning of a lifetime of happiness together.

xo, Jamie

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