You’ve tried pasta… but have you tried pasta chips?

After reading this recipe, I’m positive you will want to! As an avid potato and corn chip lover, this new trend in pasta enjoyment is right up my alley. I knew I had to put a sourdough spin on it, thanks to Kaslo Sourdough‘s award winning noodles! If you like sourdough bread, you’ve got to try sourdough pasta. And Kaslo and I are happy to offer you an exclusive discount, which you’ll find at the bottom of this recipe…!

Kaslo Sourdough is my partner brand in this delicious new recipe, and to know Kaslo, is to love Kaslo. This family-owned and run business is based in the gorgeous city of Kaslo, B.C., located in the West Kootenay region of British Columbia. Just half a day’s drive from where I live in Kelowna, there is nothing I like more than partnering with B.C. local brands. There’s something very heart-warming about working with companies dedicated to providing our community with quality products made with love, right where we live, and I’m delighted to share them with you.

Especially in the form of recipes! Back to these bite-sized morsels of heaven. Pre-cooked fusilli noodles are transformed into crunchy little cracker chips, perfect for dunking into a quick ‘n easy homemade ranch dip (which is also included in the following recipe). You can enjoy these tasty snacks anywhere! Create a pasta chip spread (like the one pictured above) for movie night with the fam, pack them along on a hike, or take them to the beach – these baked chips are a fantastic alternative to deep fried snacks, and thanks to the sourdough fermentation, may even be an option for those with gluten sensitivities (like myself). Spiced to perfection, you are going to struggle not to eat them all in one sitting.

Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 25-30 mins

Servings: 4-6
Calories per serving: est. 350 calories for 1c. pasta chips with 2tbsp. ranch dip


Follow the recipe below for a traditional version, or substitute the dip ingredients with your favourite plant-based products for an easy vegan snack. Halve the recipe if making for one.


4c. Kaslo Sourdough Millet Fusilli
1tbsp. Olive oil
1/2tsp. Onion powder
1/2tsp. Garlic powder 
1/4tsp. Parsley flakes
2tsp. Paprika
1/4tsp. Chili powder (optional)
Pinch Cayenne (optional)
Pinch Sea salt


1/2c. Sour cream
1/2c. Greek yogurt
1/2c. fresh water
1 packet of Ranch seasoning


(Vegan friendly!)

1/2c. Plant-based Sour cream
1/2c. Plant-based Greek yogurt
1/2c. fresh water
1 packet of French onion soup mix


Cook pasta according to package instructions (about 7-8 minutes). Strain thoroughly and don’t rinse. In a small pinch bowl, combine all spices and blend well. Add pasta back into the pot, and stir in olive oil. Lightly dust seasoning mix over noodles, stirring often.

Spread pasta onto a clean, un-greased baking sheet lined with parchment paper, taking care not to crowd the noodles (use two pans if needed).

Bake at 375° for 25-30 minutes, stirring 2-3 times during bake time. Pasta chips are done when they have crisp edges, are just beginning to brown, and still have a tiny bit of squish left. You may also choose to bake 5-10 minutes longer for crunchier chips.

In a small serving bowl, combine sour cream, greek yogurt, and ranch/onion packet. Whip gently with a spatula, until completely blended. Slowly add water, stirring until desired consistency.

Serve pasta chips and dip immediately, as they are best if enjoyed the same day, and slightly warm.

Thanks for checking out this recipe! It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser on your next movie night. Please give Kaslo and I a follow on IG if you liked this recipe, we have many more recipes to explore on the blog as well. This is our first ‘snack style’ recipe, and we’d love to know what you think. Drop a comment if you think we should create more pasta chips in different flavours! If you’re not convinced to place your order of sourdough pasta yet (which is pretty much impossible, in my humble opinion), perhaps a delicious discount will help! Enjoy 10% off of your Kaslo orders using my exclusive code, JAMIEPASTA. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day!

xo, Jamie

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