One of life’s greatest pleasures? A great glass of vino. One of life’s even greater pleasures? Multiple glasses of varying varietals, more commonly known as: wine tasting!

Wine tasting is a wonderful experience however you try it, and hosting a wine tasting at home is quickly growing in popularity. Having friends over for your own private wine tasting party is as easy as, 1. Purchase wine. 2. Set up a wine tasting display. and 3. Invite friends!

With Weddingstar, my partner for this post, it’s even easier thanks to their exclusive collection of glassware, decor, and wine themed gifts and favours that will take your wine tasting party to the next level.

A leader in the wedding industry for over 35 years, Weddingstar Inc. provides quality you can count on, as well as a reliable selection of both classic and trendy products (that is constantly growing!). Having been a returning customer for several years before collaborating on blog posts with Weddingstar, I am more than familiar with their product line and cannot recommend it enough. I’m certain that by the end of this post, you’ll be clicking ‘add to cart’ faster than you can say, ‘rosé all day’!

In this blog post, you’ll learn how to host your own wine tasting at home, so you can wow your friends with both your knowledge of wines, as well as your flair for design – there are links to almost all of the decor pieces used in this guide, so you can put this look together at home.

First, let’s talk wine

Start by deciding what kind of wine tasting you would like to host. Consider choosing one type of wine (red, white, rosé, sparkling wine, champagne, assorted fruit wine, and so on), or, a popular choice, have guests each bring their favourite bottle. This is more cost effective, and is also a great ice breaker as guests can chat about why they brought their wines; what they like best about them, if there is a story behind how they discovered the wine, etc.

If you’re unfamiliar with wine, here is some general wine knowledge that is useful to know:

White wine

Light in colour, due to the removal of grape skins during the wine making process. Colours range from light yellow/green and almost colourless, to gold and dark yellow/brown depending on fullness of body. A light-bodied white wine is typically great to drink fresh, whereas a full-bodied sweet wine will taste better as it ages. White wines come in many varieties, including Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling, and many more.

Serve chilled.

Food pairings:

Seafood linguini, fish and chips, lemon dill chicken and broccolini, and desserts such as peach pie, white chocolates, and lemon bars.

Rosé wine

Medium and clear in colour, rosé wine ranges from varying shades of pink and orange, to purple-pink thanks to the use of some grape skins during the wine making process. Rosé wine is considered to be the first version of wine ever made, and it comes in a range of styles, including sparkling.

Serve chilled.

Food pairings:

Grilled chicken and strawberry salad, salmon and vegetables with wild rice, desserts such as berry shortcake, chocolate truffles, and fresh fruit with whipped cream.

Red wine

Dark in colour, thanks to the inclusion of grape skins during the wine making process. Colours can range from purple and violet, to bright red and dark brown. Red wines typically taste better to most as they age, due to the loss of acidity and tannins that fresh wines have. Red wines come in many varieties, including Pinot Noir, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, and many more.

Serve at room temperature, refrigerate corked leftover bottles.

Food pairings:

Surf and turf, rosemary beef stew, spaghetti bolognese, and desserts such as black forest cake, chocolate covered cherries, and salted caramel dark chocolates.

I hope that helped you get off on the right foot with a little wine knowledge, though there is much, much more to explore once you’ve gotten started!

When in doubt on what to serve with your wine? Charcuterie is always the answer!

Next, it’s time to decorate. Read on, for my favourite Weddingstar decor picks for a wine tasting party:

From wine glasses and champagne flutes, to candle holders and charcuterie accessories, Weddingstar carries everything you need to host your wine tasting in style.


Large Personalized Wine Glass – Rustic Love Monogram, Personalized Stemless Wine Glass Wedding Favour – Large, 18 Oz. Mercury Wine Glass – Rose Gold

Skip the disposable cups and provide real wine glasses to your guests. With Weddingstar, you can even have personalized glasses made for each guest. They can then take home at the end of the party as a memento of the fabulous time they had!

I’m a big fan of the classic wine glass with the simple monogram design, featuring a delicate olive leaf motif.


Stemless Toasting Champagne Flute Gift For Wedding Party – Cheers, Classic Champagne Glass – Personalized, Vintage Style Pressed Glass Champagne Flute – Clear

If you choose to serve effervescent or sparkling wines at your tasting, consider champagne flutes. My favourites are the vintage style pressed flutes (for your own personal collection), but the personalized classic champagne glasses make for perfect take-home gifts.


Oval Baroque Standing Frame – Gold, Small Oval Baroque Frame – Gold, Rectangular Baroque Standing Frame – Gold

Label your wine display with these captivating gilded frames. Available in 3 styles, they feature an oil-rubbed bronze finish with just a hint of glitter for extra sheen.


Modern Sparkle Sequin Table Runner – Metallic Gold, Modern Sparkle Sequin Table Runner – Metallic Rose Gold

A glittering runner is always a beautiful addition to a decor display, and these sequinned runners are a lovely nod to white and rosé wines.


Sugar Frosted Tealight Candle Holders – Pastel Blush, Gold Mercury Glass Votive Holder Or Bud Vase Set, Pressed Glass Tealight & Votive Candle Holders – Purple

Mood lighting is a must for when the evening runs long. Try a set (or two) of sparkling tea light candle holders from Weddingstar; you can enjoy them in your decor year round afterwards!


Mercury Glass Flower Vase – Rose Gold, Small Glass Globe Votive Holder With Reflective Lace Pattern – Peach, Miniature Glass Tealight Holder With Wire Hanger

Especially if serving rosé! These mirrored pink details will have your display shining in no time.


Personalized Wine Bottle Shaped Corkscrew Gift Set – Script Font, Personalized Wine Bottle Shaped Corkscrew Gift Set – Rosé All Day, Personalized Wine Bottle Shaped Corkscrew Gift Set – Bestie

Send guests home with a favour or two as a kind ‘thank you’ for their company – they will love these personalized corkscrew sets! Available in several label designs, there’s something for every theme.

Custom Engraved Reusable Wooden Bottle Stopper – Decorative Initial, Custom Engraved Reusable Wooden Bottle Stopper – Traditional Monogram, Custom Engraved Reusable Wooden Bottle Stopper – Modern Fairy Tale

Even simpler, a bottle stopper with their name or initial or a beautiful design will make your guests feel extra special.

Dainty Gold Bow Bottle Stopper, Queen Crown With Crystals Wine Stopper In Gift Packaging, Wine Stopper Favour Silver Heart Shaped

And mustn’t forget…


Serve your guests a spread of ‘grown up cheese and crackers’ to go with their wine.

No wine tasting is complete without charcuterie! Weddingstar has a line of serving and charcuterie boards you can personalize to your hearts content. Serve a variety of soft and hard cheeses, seeded crackers and toasted baguette, cured meats, pickled vegetables, nuts, and chocolates. Some cheese recommendations? Brie drizzled with honey, roquefort, and merlot or onion cheddar are some interesting choices that bring out the best in wine, and will have guests raving.


Personalized Wood & Slate Serving Board Set – Script Monogram, Round Marble & Wood Serving Board

Custom Engraved 3-Piece Gold Handled Cheese Knife Set – Script Monogram, 3-Piece Gold Handled Cheese Knife Set, Custom Engraved 3-Piece Gold Handled Cheese Knife Set – Diamond Emblem Monogram

However you decide to entertain, do it your own, unique way and you can’t miss!

Thank you for taking the time to visit this post. I hope you learned a thing or two about how to host a wine tasting right at home, and if you already knew most of the content of this post, I hope you have fun shopping with Weddingstar! What will you be adding to cart first?

Please follow Weddingstar and I on InstagramFacebook and Pinterest, and keep up with us for more entertaining and decorating ideas. And please, feel free to drop your email address in the subscription box below, so you receive new blog posts first!

xo, Jamie


  1. Hello Jamie! Wine tasting is a wonderful experience however you try it, and hosting a wine tasting at home is quickly growing in popularity. I personally love wine glasses, especially when we personalize them for such occasions. Thanks for sharing.


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