The eternal struggle: when that date night you have been looking forward to finally arrives, and oops – you don’t know what to do! We’ve all been there. Dinner and a movie out on the town is the easiest go to, but can sometimes feel a little lacklustre on repeat. And let’s face it, when quarantines can spring up at any moment, it’s definitely a great idea to have a list of home-based date ideas on hand, so that you never have to rain-check on date night again!

Here are 9 ideas you can execute easily on the sly, with either things on hand at home, or things you can pick up at your fave local grocer. And of course, your favourite Weddingstar products! The following post is in paid partnership with Weddingstar.ca, my go to online decor and wedding gift store. They carry everything from trendy and personalized glassware, to charcuterie boards, candle holders, luxurious robes, and so much more. Load up a cart today and use the code JAMIE10 to receive 10% off your picks, plus free shipping on orders over $125 in Canada AND the United States!

A small selection of my favourite Weddingstar finds, including a charcuterie board, wine glasses, and LOVE plates


The perfect starter date night at home idea. Charcuterie is basically lunchables for grown-ups, but tastes so. much. better! Head to your local meat and cheese market, and pick up the goods. The main components you’ll need?

  • Assorted cheeses, in different flavours and textures. A good rule I live by? One soft, one mild, one sharp, and one stinky. Try a flavoured goat (I love herb or peppercorn), brie, sharp cheddar, and a bleu
  • Cured meats, like salami, chorizo and prosciutto
  • Pickled and oily things, like pickles, pickled beans or asparagus, olives, and feta stuffed peppers
  • Fruit, like grapes and berries
  • Jellies (apricot, jalapeno, red pepper and strawberry are my go to’s) and spreads (grainy mustard, honey)
  • Crackers, bread, and crostini
  • Nuts, like walnuts and almonds
  • Herbs, for decoration (rosemary, parsley, sage)

Arrange artfully on a board, and pop a bottle of wine. Resist the urge to put on a movie, and instead put on some mood music!


What twist, you may ask? Choose a movie based in a gorgeous locale and make a new-to-you dinner based on it! Here are a few to get you started with some inspiration:

– Before Sunrise (Austria) – pair with Tafelspitz (a rustic beef, vegetable and apple dish)

– Lost in Translation (Tokyo) – pair with Sushi (traditionally made with raw fish, nori, rice and fresh vegetables)

– Under the Tuscan Sun (Italy) – pair with Risotto (a creamy, rice-based dish you can customize with your choice of protein and vegetables)

– Six Days, Seven Nights (Hawaii) – pair with a Poke Bowl (a rice bowl made with cubed raw fish, vegetables and fruit)

The most important thing: choose a movie neither of you have seen, and pair it with a dish neither of you have made (or even had!) before.


If you’re married and had these cards at your wedding, score! You’re halfway there! Pick out a date night idea from the jar, and proceed with your date night. If not, this one requires some planning ahead. Before date night, spend an evening being one with Pinterest. Write down every date night in idea you can find that piques your interest (including the ones from this list!), and add it to the box. On your next date night in, have your S/O choose a card and follow through! Some ideas to get you started for your cards? Twister (naked Twister…?), Nintendo night, 3 course Italian dinner night, Weddingstar’s Wine Box activity, hide and seek, and fort building.


Choose a dessert you both enjoy (but never make) and have a bake-off! Take photos and have friends online vote for who made it best. Up the ante by not sharing who made what! Surprise your sweetie with Weddingstar’s personalized aprons and take a selfie together to commemorate the night.


Put the champagne on ice, serve chocolate covered strawberries, watch movies in bed in fluffy robes (or lingerie), and order in your favourite take-out (as room service!). The goal? Feel as indulgent as possible in the comfort of your own home. Prep for your night by tidying your room, closing up closets and drawers, washing your bedding, and setting out some candles.


Yep, no phones, laptops, or TV. Read together (you’ll feel silly at first, but reading aloud together is super romantic and will make you feel closer afterwards!), play board games or cards. Make this one even more fun by pretending the power is out – light candles, and challenge each other to see who can hold out the longest without turning the lights on. Decide on a prize for the person who wins!


Create your own signature cocktails! You just may create something you’re so proud of you’ll want to serve it the next time you host guests. Some ingredients to inspire? A variety of juices (peach, cranberry, pineapple, tomato), liqueurs (limoncello, blue curaço, coffee liqueur), your preferred alcohol, herbs and fruit for garnish (rosemary, citrus, strawberries, pickled things), and rimming sugars and salts.

Make your own, or make one together! Name it a hybrid of your two names if you want to be extra.


Head to your local dollar or craft store and pick up canvases, paints, and brushes. Pop a bottle of vino, go with the flow and paint whatever you want, or choose something (flowers, fruit bowl) to paint together. Pro tip: to give your paintings a finishing touch before you hang them up, pick up a gloss to seal your masterpieces afterwards.

If you’d rather paint yourselves, make sure to use non-toxic body paint, and put down a drop cloth! And have fun!

We’ve paired this blog post with one of my all-time favourite white wines, West Kelowna’s Quails’ Gate’s Winery’s Chasselas Pinot Gris!


Go all out – dim the lights, light candles, and shower together to wash away the stress of the workweek (wash each other for extra romance). Afterwards, take your time giving each other sensual massages with a high-quality body oil. Once you’re both fully relaxed, wrap yourselves up in plush robes and indulge in a decadent dessert, like cheesecake or chocolate mousse.

I hope you found some new ideas to add to your date night in roster! If you enjoyed this post, please visit Weddingstar and I on Instagram, and give us a follow. Cheers, to your next date night!

xo, Jamie

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